Slow Me Down

Do you ever have one of those moments in life where you just know God is slowing you down? I had a phone call this morning that left me feeling just that. In all the craziness of my life right now, God is telling me to stop it and drop it. Let it go.

I admit it. I tend to be a big thinker! I have lots of ideas and I want to be creative and purposeful in all that I do. Unfortunately I forget that there are always others involved in these things. And unfortunately recently I let a few people down.

We loosely participate in a homeschool co-op that is about an hour away from where we live. There are some very sweet families there and it’s a small close-knit group of families. Which is really nice considering the one in our city is insanely large! Anyway in my attempt to help develop some fun activities for our kids I guess I let a few people down. Well this was certainly not my intention, and I admit to feeling a bit wronged in two of these three situations, regardless I should have let some of this go.

It’s great when you find an organization that gets excited about working with homeschoolers. Unfortunately when we are simply calling to learn more amd they’re already planning the activities they are going to engage us in…..this can be a disaster. This was one such instance.

In another situation I fear the organization simply does not have the enthusiasm I wish it did for homeschoolers. While I have attempted to reach out numerous times unfortunately they have just not maintained contact. It can be sad when you findsomething which could be a fabulous thing for our children to learn is out of reach in this way. Needless to say for whatever reason the classes that I was hoping to put together have not come together and unfortunately I need to focus on being kind and showing love. Even though I have very mixed feelings about being blamed for something I couldn’t help.  I remind myself it’s okay to be angry so long as we do not sin.

So often things don’t go the way we plan. So often we mean well and yet life happens. In these times are we showing compassion? Are we striving to reach out in love rather than immediately assuming wrong things?


It’s hard when we live and walk according to the flesh to respond as we ought to in the spirit. I am guilty of letting people down, of not following through on something that I said I would do. And it is never my intention for people to think that I do not care or that I just suddenly changed my mind. I am honest and admit to being a hot mess sometimes!



I like to teach my children that we ought to pray for one another and think kindly of one another. Now don’t get me wrong we need to take responsibility for those times when we do let someone down. But it’s important to have a balance.


 God says to think kindly on one another at all times. Thank those things which are pure and true and right.   Whether someone is telling a lie or took something that did not belong to them, if we don’t have all the information it is never good for us to assume something negative. May we strive to always walk and live according to the Spirit. 



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