Grapevine Studies ~ Resurrection ~ A Schoolhouse Review

With the Passover coming upon us soon, we have begun to study as a family, the meaning behind this, along with the many other Feasts given by God, for us to celebrate.  There is such powerful symbolism and beauty in every one of them. And each one meant to celebrate the birth, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. So we were very excited to have the opportunity to review another material from Grapevine Studies, this time The Resurrection.  This has become by far one of our favorite programs in our home school so we are always more than happy to share these great tools with you!



Grapevine Studies has lots of great topical and overview studies designed for ages 3 all the way to adult (love of learning!). We happily agreed to review the beginner student level of The Resurrection study. This was mostly for my younger two who are 6 and 4 and love having their own Bible Study program.  My oldest (10) did complete a bit f this himself but definitely would need a higher level.  The higher levels include lots of scripture, memory work, and sketching pages for drawings. The beginner level mostly focuses on the story itself which is great for littler ones!  We received  electronic copies of: Beginner Student and Beginner Traceable, Student and Student  Traceable ebooks.






This one begins with The Last Supper, also known as the Passover preparation, (which we are studying so we will be ready to celebrate at the given time!) and continues through Christ’s very last day, through to His resurrection and command to His disciples.  As we read, there is lots to draw, to help our littles ones understand all the He gave for us. While this covers how Christ was beaten and bruised, it does so in a way that is easy for our little ones to understand and as they draw it helps them to recall later on, the story itself. This also shares the joy that was experienced, and that we ought to experience ourselves, at this great miracle, His resurrection!



There are lots to choose from but each one comes with the following materials to help you get so much more out of your study 🙂


The Teachers Guide contains lots of great tools and tips for teaching. They even provide a daily.weekly schedule and (I Love this) list for lesson preparation PRAYER! I do believe that is so important to whatever we are teaching but especially when we are sharing God and His goodness with others, we certainly need His presence with us! This also includes a list of supplies which are, if you are like me, laying about your house right now just waiting for you to use them. Every lesson contains an outline for Stick Figuring, as well as some great questions and answers to encourage discussion, and then application.  This is so important too! What does it matter what we know if we do not seek to live it out? As you go through the lessons, there is a scripture to read out loud (my two older ones take turns with this) and my oldest son likes to memorize it (usually to a song and dance he creates to mime it out!).



There is also the Student Book which contains space for drawing the figure which goes along with each lesson. It also lists the scripture verses to be read for that particular lesson. I have to admit we did not use these pages since my to little ones needed lots more room for their “gigantic” stick figures. 🙂  But my oldest son who is very artistic, just loved these and  had a wonderful time using the space provided to draw out the scriptures being studied. There are also questions on these pages to answer or just discuss together as you go along.


Then there is the Student Traceable.  This is very similar to the Student book but developed for little ones. Within the pages of this book the stick figures are already in place and only need to be traced. This was nice for my daughter (4) although there were times that my younger son (6) used these too. And some days they both chose to draw their very own figures as we learned together.







This is so much fun!  We really love the stick figuring and I cannot believe it has never occurred to me to do this before with my children. Its an easy thing for any age and it really encourages them to not just learn the story but to personalize it too. No one design is the same as another one. And each of my children, mostly my oldest, enjoy creating these images to help them remember key things within the Bible.  We are very involved with our church family; our children know well many of the stories within the Bible as well as having a wealth of scripture which they memorize each day throughout the year for our church’s Bible Quiz program (a fun way to fellowship and hide that Word in the hearts of our young ones with music and games!). But this really makes it something that becomes just “for them”. The stories are more personal. It encourages them to see, at whatever age and level of understanding they are in, the beauty and the love of God.





If you are looking for something new and fun to help teach your children about the Word of God, do consider giving Grapevine Studies a try! In fact, this month they are having a sale on The Resurrection study. If you still aren’t sure this is for you, go grab some of their free sample lessons offered for a few of their other studies.  Learn more about the different levels they offer so you can make sure to get the right one for your kids!  I promise you will enjoy these 🙂




Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}




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