Don’t Need Me

Do you feel the way I do sometimes? Like everyone in your house big and small need you? All the time. From the littlest to the biggest there always needs to be met and sometimes it can feel like mama is the only one who can meet them.


The  many needs to be met make it so that we tire quickly. Perhaps our temperament is not what it ought to be. I think of the scripture my children learned not long ago that speaks to how we are to be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath. And I know that I am not.  Too often I  am not.

My oldest son is 10 and we really struggle with him being able to work independently. And then it occurred to my husband recently. I don’t know why we didn’t think of it before. If we encourage him to help with teaching his younger siblings we can build his confidence and at the same time he is also learning how to lead.  So currently my oldest son is in charge of teaching his younger brother and sister there Bible verses for memorization.

My younger son is 6 and really beginning to get the hang of reading. As a way to build his confidence I encouraged him to read a story each day to his younger sisters. He is my little engineer too so often I will have to build something for me.  If we are studying space perhaps a spaceship, if we are studying ancient Egypt maybe a pyramid or camel. Often I can encourage him to help show his little sister how to build 2, in turn keeping two of the four occupied while I do what needs to be done with one or both of the others.

And my oldest daughter while only 4 years old is always eager to help in some way. She loves to help change your sisters diaper, entertaining her sister in the bath, even helping to sweep and mop the floor or empty and load the dishwasher. She is specially loves to bake in the kitchen! I can’t wait till she is old enough to be my little meal planner. 

In all of these things I hope to be building within my children a character that sees the value of hard work. I pray to that this will grow in them a servant’s heart. Because growing up the beauty of helping others? I think it’s one of the greatest blessings one person can give to another. Giving our  time and energy shows the love we have for one another more deeply than I think anything else can.

And of course it also gives us a little break mama. Because we need it. It doesn’t mean that we are weak or that we are unable to do this great work that the Lord has set before us. But our children being a part of the work that must be done each day, it allows us to take the time to rest at the feet of Our Lord. That He may fill and refresh us. That he may continue to guide our steps. We can only do this work but we have been called to if we are spending time listening to the Lord’s voice.

Let us rejoice in His blessings that He has given to us for this season. Let us see how powerful and precious it is to be needed by these little ones because they won’t need us forever. Let us enjoy our time watching them grow, recycling Zone as the Lord would have us to do. But let us also be sure but as we are teaching and training our children we are preparing them for whatever great work the Lord will do in their life. We are all called for a purpose and certainly the Lord will equip every one of us for that. Let us rejoice as we see it all the the Lord will do in their lives and in ours.


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