Loved + Blessed Box

We used to have this thing at our church called Secret Sisters.  This is something ladies would sign up for, to offer small gifts and encouragement and inspiration throughout the year to whoever happened to be their secret sister.  I always thought this was such a great idea.   What a wonderful way to grow a servant’s heart. Reaching out to another just because. ❤




And now here is a program that does just that. I was excited to have the chance to receive one of these myself!  I was so excited to get the box in the mail (and honestly I completely forgot that one was coming too!)  so it was a fabulous surprise to find when I got home one day from being out and about with the kids. Can I say it was just beautiful (the packaging?)! I am ashamed to admit I did not take a moment to take a photo of it – Too much excitement I guess.



Each month the box of encouragement™ includes:


  • a MINI POSTER for your home or office
  • a repositionable REMINDER STICKER perfect for your mirror, laptop or tablet
  • a SCRIPTURE CARD sized to fit in your pocket or purse
  • a removable KEEPSAKE THEME CARD



“Our boxes are full of little gifts of surprise and delight that help remind you to walk in faith throughout your day. Our gift of encouragement changes each month. You’ll receive gifts of jewelry, prayer accessories, stationary, journals, home decor and more!”



For more information onLoved+Blessed products and how to subscribe for yourself or a friend, visit them HERE.




For a chance at winning 12 months of products from Loved+Blessed for you or a friend, click HERE




I want to be sure to say a big THANK YOU to Flyby Promotions and the Love+Blessed for a complimentary box.  ❤




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