All Done

I was thinking the other day about how quickly but days go by. It seems my youngest daughter was just born yesterday and yet in a few weeks she will be one year old. Isn’t it bittersweet?


IWatch my younger son and my older daughter as they sit together helping each other learn how to read. I watch my oldest son as he draws and listens two sermons. I see the Love and Desire but all of them have four more of God. And I pray but they will continue to hunger for truth.   Every one of us needs to be prepared to give an answer to any who doubt the hope that we have in us. 

In a few weeks it will be Passover. Right now I am preparing. In the same way right now my children are preparing. We need to understand who we are and more importantly who’s we are. We need to be sure for ourselves. We cannot walk with Jesus simply because someone taught us to comma but we must walk with Jesus because we have our own knowledge and experience with the Lord.

So again we must prepare. We must study and pray and seek God’s truth always. We must be gentle and meek, we must practice serving others and loving others. We must practice choosing joy even when we don’t think we have any in us.  All of these things, they prepare us for the greater thing which the Lord has for us. Our preparation never ends, but because we love the Lord so it os a joy to obey His commands. The work that we do, we do it eagerly, it is for God’s glory not our own.

Do we remember and celebrate the goodness of God? Do we share all those miracles that god has done with others?  God calls us to preach to everyone everywhere.  To testify. To love them as we love Him.  We were called and chosen to be God’s Own people. We have a responsibility to share this because there are so many more who need what we have. And with that we need to also examine ourselves to ensure but we are an example that would be pleasing to the Lord. We need to prepare and we need to clean ourselves. Often.

As I begin the practice the cleaning all those nooks and crannies in my home it reminds me that the days go by quickly. These moments, we must cherish them and also use them wisely. I think of the little crumbs found hidden in the corners or up against the floor boards. Unless we get down really low and we look very closely we won’t see them. And while they are just little things right now,  in time they will become  bigger things. Perhaps bugs or mice will come. There is much damage done where they lay, and making that space clean again becomes so much harder.

So it is with every one of us and our children too. We have to look closely, we have to take the time. To show them but those little things need to be cleaned out before they get bigger. We need to encourage them and Inspire them to do those little things that seem so tedious and so pointless at the time. Did they see the old things matter when we look at them from the perspective of Eternity?   

We aren’t done yet and we won’t ever be done really. Not until we are standing before the Lord can we truly rest. But let us not be overwhelmed or feel weary or frustrated with this work that he has called us to do for certainly our God who is so good and so loving does not want to see any of us fail. So He gives us this work and He gives us all that we need to complete it too. We just have to remember to lean on Him, to cast our cares upon Him and to lay our burdens down at His feet. When we feel we can’t go on it is then that the Lord lifts us up and shows once again how great of a God He is. 


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