Blogging Through the Alphabet — Week 20 (Letter T)



Welcome to another Blogging Through the Alphabet!  😀

This is Week 20 of this series, so we are sharing posts about the letter “T”.  And today, my “T” is for trust.

This weekend we had to travel for a Bible Quiz tournament to one of my favorite churches to visit, in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

All three of my kids were just SO excited for a day full of fun and friends (many friends who they only see at these events since it brings us together from all over the state).


It’s a long day but there are so many blessings that come from being a part of this “family”.


My children have been a part of this program since my oldest was 6 years old (he is 10 now) and needless to say there is so much he has learned, and continues to learn, from this program. It is about so much more than just memorizing the Word of God. All three of my children are having fun, fellowshipping with others, playing games, praying and praising with others, learning valuable lessons about the value of relationships and how important it is to trust in the Lord. And others too.

Each of my children is on a different “team”. They have coaches who help the kids to learn and grow in the abilities.  My oldest son is the “Captain” of his team which is great because it means so much to him, and requires a bit more of him too. So it stretches him a bit (faith isn’t always comfortable) as he must continue to learn and grow and mature in this.  There is a standard he is set to and his coach trusts him to be a good example to others. It also encourages my son who struggles so much with focus and attention and detail to exercise these very skills. He must be attentive so he can catch and “contest” possible errors.  He must follow directions from his coach (something my busy, leader type boy struggles with too).  And sometimes, like today, he learns his lessons the hard way. As he came out of his last “game” today, he told me how badly his day went and at the same time took responsibility for “not trusting and obeying” his coach.  Its a great lesson in the value of submission and self control too. Things our kids must learn.



My younger son who is 6 had a great day too! Got a couple ribbons for his hard work and some frozen custard at the end of the night. He is my very logical and methodical boy; this helps him to exercise that attention to detail while also helping him to learn the Word of God. He is also learning how to be okay with making mistakes and making errors because sometimes in games, you have to “interrupt” questions. It builds your confidence and your faith when you can interrupt and still get complete the question and answer. I don’t know how these kids do it! I give all the glory to God for working in these children’s lives and giving them the desire to learn His word. Big and small this encourages and inspires us all to be wise stewards of our time and if these little ones can learn a hundred verses, often even more, why should we not seek to do the same?



My daughter, who is four, got her first red ribbon  today. Its amazing how much of the Word of God this little girl knows; yet she is always wary of answering questions in a tournament. So today was a big day for her!  We practiced buzzing in to answer questions at home, and encouraged her to show what she knows. We also reminded her of all her little friends who may be encouraged to quiz with her in the future if they see her being such an example.  She too had a coach and she trusted him (that she would get a brownie when she buzzed in to answer questions) and if she didn’t believe him and get that brownie! I wish I would have taken a picture of her face all covered in chocolatey goo!  hahaha






I think of how it was said “to obey is better than to sacrifice” and it is so true. We often say that we trust the Lord. But when He calls us to do something, do we follow His command? How much it shows our faith and love when we are obedient. As a parent I will sometimes ask my older son, if he truly trusts me, and after thinking hard (I”m biting my nails waiting) he will confirm that he trusts me. He knows that I want what’s best for him. And it’s the same thing when it comes to God. If we truly trust Him, we will submit to Him.  Its beautiful really. It’s not easy but we see again and again how much simpler things are when we follow His way. 🙂




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