Logic of English ~~ A Schoolhouse Review

We have been using Logic of English for almost 2 years now. We were introduced to them first, by the Schoolhouse Review Crew last year when we used the Foundations, Level A.  This time we were super blessed to receive Foundations Level B from Logic of English. Being that I am such a lover of reading and grammar and words and language, this program is just so much fun to use! And I love how I am even more capable of defending the English language now!  This program teaches language arts through phonemic awareness, reading, handwriting and spelling producing confident and strong readers and writers. For my son, who is 6 and really struggling to get reading, this was perfect! From the moment we received this he was so excited and he still is too! (Dragons on book covers help increase the enthusiasm tons too!)





We received everything that you need to teach Foundations B for this review, that being the teacher’s manual, student workbook, a set of reusable resources and the set of level B readers. Level B contains lessons 41-80 (it starts right where Foundations Level A ends). They do offer the set of A and B also. Individually they do recommend a couple reusable materials such as phonogram flashcards and game tiles (these are FUN!). While this is a rather expensive program, please do keep in mind, there is nothing left out of this one. It is the all in all for language learning!


Keep in mind that Level B is for children who already recognize short vowel sounds and read short vowel words.  Upon completion of Level B, our kids should be able to:


  • Read uppercase letters and match them to lowercase letters
  • Write uppercase letters in cursive or manuscript using Rhythm of Handwriting program
  • Read one-syllable words with a long vowel sound
  • Have an awareness that words may have more than one syllable
  • Blend multi-syllable words just by hearing them
  • Identify the medial vowel sound within a word
  • Know that a sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period
  • Be able to read and write 19 multi-letter phonograms
  • Know 8 spelling rules
  • Read and comprehend simple sentences with the phonograms and spelling rules they have learned
  • Be familiar with the concept of the schwa sound, which is introduced as a lazy vowel
  • Be developing fluency in reading 296 new high-frequency wordsLOE-Reusable-Resources
  • Understand the spelling of 120 new words that have been taught and have the knowledge to spell thousands of others



They also have great Reusable Resources, which are of course reusable with Foundations, Level A and Foundations, Level CWe had all of these ourselves from when we used these with Foundations, Level A in our review last year. And the frugal momma in me loves that I can use these again and again! The Reusable Resources include a small white board, Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference (cursive or manuscript), Phonogram Flash CardsPhonogram Game CardsRhythm of Handwriting Quick Reference Chart (cursive or manuscript) and more! They also have some great looking apps although we have not used these just yet ourselves.





Let me just say, if you are wary of teaching this particular subject, you will LOVE the Teachers Manual! This makes it so easy to understand how the program works, the scope and sequence is clearly laid out, there is a list of supplies needed; it even provides assistance in determining “cursive or manuscript handwriting” for your learners. Check out “Why Teach Cursive First” for some great insight! This manual is full of tips for us; there are also included in each lesson “challenges”, “multi sensory fun activities” “speech tips” and vocabulary words. For example: Breve  which means short; found in words like abbreviate and brevity. This is definitely a treasure, especially for anyone who is overwhelmed by this particular subject. Lessons are simple and short. There are objectives laid out for each lesson for: phonograms, phonemic awareness, spelling and handwriting. But in each lesson, you have a mentor, in this manual to walk you through each step. There are also book lists as you go along; we were happy to see that the Bob Book sets are recommended too because my younger son really enjoys them!  There are 48 lessons all and each lesson lasted about a half an hour- sometimes it went longer just because. But it was always something my son had fun with 🙂




We dug into the Level B student workbook right away!  The cover is SO much fun! How can any little boy resist that right? And for my six year old son who loves dragons, this was like a personal gift, just for him! The workbook is full of colorful worksheets and tons of fun activities to help kids learn and have fun at the same time. My little guy had such a blast learning (even though he didnt realize it) while playing some of his favorite games, Bingo and Tic Tac Toe. We have heard enough times hosting international exchange students that the English language is one of the hardest ones out there, but it doesn’t have to be impossible! Logic of English does a fabulous job of making this program one that encourages our kids and keeps them excited to learn. Language really does become so much fun!  He really liked having the Phonogram Tiles to use for spelling different words each day. They are pretty sturdy too!



The student workbook is also a wonderful material; I cannot say enough about how much my son enjoys it! It is full of bright colorful illustrations. They also have on the very first page, a Phonogram Desk Chart. He likes being able to keep that handy while doing his work. This little guy really appreciates reference materials. haha  His favorite activity was Tic- Tac – Toe and the Phonogram Bingo was a bit hit too! Even my daughter, who is four and my oldest son, who is 10, had some fun with this one.



The Foundations B Readers are wonderful! These books are a great way to introduce our struggling readers to multi letter phonograms, silent E, and full sentences in the context of delightful fictional stories. The set has 8 readers for Foundations B and are available as PDF or paperback.  We received the paperback readers. These books are the perfect length! They are fun and silly stories that kids just love! Every time we read Fred the Frog my son cracked up; its his favorite story.  He really likes Fred’s big glasses! In fact, since we received these, he wants to read. And its great that he comes to me with these books wanting to read them all over and over again!




We really have been having a fabulous time with this! I cannot say enough how much I love seeing my little guy love doing Logic of English each day. He is excited about it, no moaning or groaning.  It is all laid out in such a clear and simple way that he is really beginning to see and understand language in a way that is making him a much more confident reader. I really do recommend this one to any who are looking for a solid phonics program, and if you have a struggling reader like I do, this is a great way to reinforce and encourage them!  We do want our kids to be not just readers but strong lovers of reading!







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