Who Needs a Brain Break?


It wasn’t long ago that I stumbled across the series 10 Days of Boosting Brain Power.  I was excited to be given the opportunity too (bless her heart) to review The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks. As you read  The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaksyou learn how and why movement matters so much for our kids when it comes to their learning. There are also 60 Brain Breaks for you to start using, and this book even helps you to recognize the signs of when a brain breaks is needed. I mean, I have begun to see myself, since using this, how often I simply need a brain break myself. And my kids get it! Even my 4 and 6 year old at times see and say “my brain needs a break”.  Its especially cute weeny four year old daughter comes to me holding her head because her “brain is achy”.


Some of this really mad my head hurt, I admit the science of it all can be pretty intense. But understanding the science, even just a bit, helps you to really understand and embrace this concept. It also encourages us to look for active engagement when it comes to learning. Trust me, the difference it makes its huge! Now much of this I didn’t completely understand myself: the vestibular system being enhanced by movement. However Heather includes diagrams, in this case of the anatomy of the ear, to help guide any who are science – impaired as I am – through her explanation. Did you know the inner ear is considered the entryway into the brain for the senses? Its a unifying system influencing everything we do. Turns out all that rough and tumble play our kids (boys especially) do really does have a purpose beyond sometimes driving us mommas a bit batty! 😛


So we learn as well read how movement promotes bilateral integration (making the left and right brain able to work together); this helps integrate logic with intuition. Movement all activates the cerebellum; this helps to make learning occur faster. And movement also gives the body and the brain a boost of oxygen. If we don’t have enough oxygen, our brain is simply going to go to sleep and that’s no good for learning. When we get ourselves moving, we wake up and so with these brain breaks we are able to quickly invigorate the mind and get that blood pumping to help us learn better. And faster!



A couple things that you will learn (or have reinforced even, in my case!)


♦ WHY movement is so critical to learning.

♦ HOW to spot when your children need a brain break.

♦ HOW to help your children discern when to utilize a brain break and regain focus.

♦ 60 amazing brain break exercises {with detailed instructions, pictures and printables/cards}


Check this out:





There is even one that is specifically for our littlest ones. I have not had a chance to get a copy of this one yet but I am definitely hoping to soon since this may be a great asset for them. And the ideas within the first were so good, I can’t see how this one wouldn’t be just as great.  Especially since my kids are all about singing and dancing, my daughter I think would so enjoy many of the activities in this one! If and when I get this, I will definitely share all the details with you too 🙂


What were some of my kids favorite brain breaks?


  • Toe Writing (my daughter loves to see all the other things she can do with her toes now too Lol)
  • Dance and Sing (we crank up the worship music and that sure gets everyone going!)
  • Cartwheels and summersaults are another favorite of my daughter
  • High Kicks and Jumping Jacks are great for the little ninjas in your house!
  • Crazy Eights writing is one of my oldest son’s favorite ones (he is my little artist)


There are also lots of fun and inspiring Imagination Brain Breaks. Doing this is fun because our kids can be a Billy Goat or a Flamingo; they may gallop like a horse or inchworm their way across the room. There are even exercises for them to imagine they are a sprouting seed and a popcorn popping (my little guy loves this since he is our popcorn connoisseur). And they love balloons as much as mine do, there are even exercises for them to do which include balloons. Who doesn’t love playing volleyball with a balloon? And handsfree is even more fun!


These are just a few of the great exercises that are in this book! There are tons more! And so many of these you can tweak and change up a bit to make them your own. My daughter loves hula hoops so there are lots of fun ways we have used them since we began using this program (instead of using rope or bean bags in some cases). This really is fun~ and it works too!



Finger Plays and Preschool Song Cards




Nw I know that none of us need one more thing “to-do” in our days, but when it seems to be falling apart; when it just isn’t working,  The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks really helps bring us back together. Its like a super glue.  Maybe not all the time, but most of the time. And that definitely is worth making time for.


My kids do better because they have energized their brain; they have learned too how to see for themselves the need to wake up and refocus!

That’s a powerful tool for us to have! Every one of us 🙂



Get lots of great ideas to enrich the learning within your home by getting your own copy for only $7.99 of The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks.




The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks eBook


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