Don’t Go Away Mad!

I blame my kids. For having to be independent thinkers. For having desires that are not exactly like mine and personalities that are so opposite my own. But that’s just an excuse. Far too often, I yell and get angry. I go away SO mad. Frustrated with them, frustrated with myself. Feeling like I failed yet again to show them grace; to train them up in a way that the Lord would approve of.


I didn’t grow up in a faith based home. I was raised by my mom (I saw my dad now and then) and for the most part it was “you and me against the world” she would say. (I love that song by the way!) Anyway my mother was not exactly controlled either; she had quite a temper on her too.  Must be the good German blood in our veins? Of course that’s another excuse.


I think of a verses my kids have been learning in the Book of James: “Let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.”


Oh man! I think, I a quit to wrath, quick to speak and slow to hear….I have this all mixed up!





Whatever the case may be I was SO excited when Alicia agreed for me to review this course — Can words even express how thrilled I was? I mean I have struggled with this all my life. And I see it now and then in my oldest son too. As we study together and read and pray over the Word it is clear that God does not want us to be angry. Sure there is a righteous anger but is that really the anger we are expressing mommas? I wish I could say mine was righteous anger but sadly, its usually anything but righteous.
So how do we control this? How do we turn ourselves around and become a momma that isn’t so angry?


The “7 Days To A Less Angry Mom” online video course from Alicia at Your Vibrant Family is a great place to start as we learn about anger while also studying the Word of God. Because He has a lot to say about anger and if we want to live as His own, we sure need to know how to live out.



This course consists of 7 short and simple videos which encourage us to learn more about anger, explore our own reasons for the anger we show and she also offers lots of great encouragement and inspiration.  Alicia provides some great printable worksheets for each day, for taking notes and to review and reflect on as you complete each day’s assignment (yes there is homework!). But be encouraged; these are all good things that are only going to help you better understand and grow momma.


You also will have access to a private Facebook group (talk about helpful for accountability!).


As we go through each lesson Alicia shares the Word of God (what is more powerful than that) and speaks hope into our lives in a way that is much like sitting with that precious friend of yours for coffee. No judgement, nothing but a love and desire to see other moms succeed and grow in Christ.



Did I mention the videos are less than 20-minutes each?

That is PERFECT for my busy homeschool home! Yours too I bet 😛


And this is so worth the time mommas! In seven days,  just seven, you can prepare yourself to really get to the root of your anger and better manage it, for a more peaceful home!





Right now, that is during the “launch week” of this brand new course, Alicia is offering a BONUS course video on helping your kids deal with anger. What a wonderful thing! She is also offering $10 off the cost of this course. But that’s only through April 11th!

Learn more about 7 Days to a Less Angry Mom!




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