Time to Enjoy

We always hear how it says in the Bible ” I was glad to go to the house of the Lord”

I am going to say something that is probably very unpopular now. But I know that we have all been there at one time or another. What happens when we aren’t glad to go? What happens when we truly dread it?

I’m not back sliding. I am not falling away from the faith. My love and desire for the Lord is just as great as it always was if not more so since I have begun to dig into the Lord’s Holy Days.  So much that the Lord is showing me! And yet when it comes time to go to the Lord’s House I have such mixed feelings.

I do love being in the presence of the Lord! I love the opportunity to come together with others and worship and praise God for how wonderful and great he is and all that he has done not just in my life but all around. and yet those same people who are so full of love for the Lord and so filled with his spirit, they also cause me sorrow and frustration.

UC as a nursing momma there are challenges that I have to face. I am not complaining but rather wishing the other is where is mindful as I try to be comma of our need to hear the preaching. Are nursing room often is a Gathering Place your mama’s sit and chat for the preaching goes on upstairs. I understand the need that so many have for fellowship yet it frustrates me when I come all that way because I desperately need to hear preaching and then it is drowned out the conversation that has nothing to do with the Lord at all.

I tend to be a rather outspoken and blunt person. I admit to being a very particular individual to. I do so appreciate the scripture that speaks of how there is a way that is right because frankly I have always felt that way. There are not many ways to anything. Sadly we have forgotten that in life there really is right and wrong. We have to be wise so that we know when we are blurring those lines.

So what to do when, as a momma, tired and struggling to find and enjoy our time in the house of the Lord? Perhaps lately I come across as angry or sullen or maybe as a snob. I try to decrease conversation with others when I am there comma I try to focus I’m the reason I came in the first place. God Alone.


I have four children who need to learn how to respect and show reverence when they are in the house of God. I need to once again enjoy being in the Lord’s presence and that means for now I must shut out all those distractions about me. I read once that if it doesn’t bring you closer to the Lord it must go. I have always been a firm believer in that myself.  And well now and then I do long for a close friend but I can sit under to chat with, I trust the Lord and I count Him as my greatest friend of all. I am weary but I will not faint.  I cannot allow the choices other make, the conversations they engage in, to separate me, from the time I need with the Lord. I may lose some friends, few that I have to begin with, but  shall grow in Him more and more. For what does it profit if we gain the world yet lose Him? I pray that my speech will be seasoned with the Lord; showing HIs goodness and grace and pointing others to Him always.


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