Only the Beginning

I have been thinking lately about the journey that we take when we choose Jesus.

So often the scripture tells us that we need to look back and remember all that the Lord has done. It’s part of the testimony that we are to share with others in the hopes that they will see what great things the Lord has done in our lives and desire that for themselves. The light doesn’t shine if we don’t turn it on right?

Yet at the same time I admit to feeling frustrated and saddened by new converts. So many times we see them get excited about Jesus and they go into that baptismal and if they are born again a new creation in Christ. And then we don’t see them again. Or we only see them here and there. It’s as if they do not know that this is only the beginning.

I do not want to steal the joy but others have for those who enter into the Waters of baptism. I do not want to think that they will fall away before they have truly been born again. Yet as of late I admit you’re feeling more sorrow then enthusiasm.  Don’t get me wrong I am hopeful that they will Thrive and that the fire the Lord lights within them will continue to burn. But I look back and I see so many who stopped before they had even begun.

I wonder sometimes wh why it is the desire is within someone to give their lives completely to the Lord. To be born again the way the Bible says we ought to be only to walk away. Yet it is at those times I have to remind myself but while the Lord does not want any to perish unfortunately there will be few that endure to the end. Many will be called.

It is humbling and at the same time it is so very sad. I do not know why the Lord chose me. Certainly there are those who are far better than I. And yet the Lord does choose everyone of us even if so many choose not to follow him. I think of how it must serve the Lord to see so many so close you have been turning away. Yet we must remember as they turn away there was a seed planted. We cannot know the end of all things but the Lord does.  

It’s face. It’s looking back and knowing that at one time the Lord turned their heart to Him. And if He did it once we know He can do it again.  It reminds me too of how Elisha told those three kings that they only needed to do some dishes. Silly does that seem? We need rain but we are told to just go and dig ditches. Seems to me no end at all. Yes if we really think about it it’s all about starting small. No matter how miniscule and an important something may seem if God says to do it we must in faith obey. So it was in this case. They started small by digging those ditches and when they did sure enough the rain came.

It’s about faith. If we look at everything as something that is meant to increase our faith and quite likely someone else’s face too, perhaps we can maintain that joy. Just maybe by seeing the little steps that are taken and focusing on those we can be brethren that encourage one another more and more. And as we see those new folks coming in comma can’t we try a bit more to come alongside them and encourage them?



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