Read, Write & Type ~ A Schoolhouse Review



I have two little ones in my home who desperately want to learn how to read. We have gone through a few different programs (mostly wth my oldest son, who is 6) in the past few months – Nothing seems to really be “it”.  So when we were given the chance to review Read, Write & Type by Talking Fingers Inc., a one year subscription too, I was more than happy to do so!  While were waiting in fact, we signed up to try the free demo and it really only made us more enthusiastic about this one!



Can I just say that from the moment we received our login information my son was SO excited about this one!  He chose his screen name, BumbleSpeeder and jumped right in. He has been eager to do this one every day (some days I kind of “forced” him to stop he would be on it for so long).  In fact my younger daughter (who is four) got so excited just watching her brother using this that she begged to have her own account. And bless their hearts, we were given one for her too!

So this whole program takes place in  “town” and there are a variety of places to go in that town, to learn:


  • Video Store (Identify middle sounds)
  • Fair Booth (Identify ending sound)
  • Movie Theatre (Identify beginning sounds)
  • Power Foundation (Speed & accuracy)
  • The Park (Blends sounds together)
  • Fandasa’s House (Left handed storytellers)
  • Jack’s House (Right handed storytellers)
  • Hall of Fame (See certificates of progress)



Each time my son logs on to his account, the program starts him right where he left off, even if he didn’t really complete a portion of a lesson. Some days he just likes to play around the town since there are games to play all over the town. They have an awesome jingle my daughter mostly sings around the house, “I can read, I can type, I can write whatever I say” and she really does just sing it throughout the day. I like that it inspires her to say, “I can” instead of “I can’t”. So typically when my son logs in he goes right to work. Clicking on Vexor, the little green blob, he gets instructions as to what he needs to do in the lesson. In some games he will have to type the beginning, middle or ending sound. He really likes this one although a couple times he struggled with the image/word (gate was fence an ice was cube) but it wasn’t too frustrating for him when the did happen because there is help that says the word and reminds you what you need to type. In other exercises he will need to read a sentence and then choose the image that shows that. I love the variety that is within each lesson; each game really is fun and meant to encourage the kids. Even when they do get something wrong, there is gentle guidance until they get it just right 🙂



This program is just amazing!  The characters are tons of fun too! Just see for yourself 🙂  If you still aren’t quite sure how this works, Read, Write & Type is revolutionary!  It is a reading program that includes phonics, spelling, keyboarding, and processing. They also have special features for students with learning disabilities (LD), reading difficulties, and for ESL. (these are not features that we used ourselves) I also have my own login so I can check in to see how they are doing – this shows me how he is dong in phonics, spelling, and reading, while also giving me an average score for his work. Its helpful to see how he is succeeding and also to know where he struggles. We can also change the percentage for them to “pass” from one level to another. Even to manage the time that they spend on the program.Since my son really enjoyed this one and could play for hours on here, it was something that really came in handy to manage his time on here.






Read, Write & Type by Talking Fingers Inc., is a five year subscription. There is the option to purchase CD’s for this but with the online version you don’t have to download anything!  That is a big deal for us.  For a single user it is $35, $55 for two, $70 for three, $85 for four, and $100 for five. They also have some other great looking programs that I am hoping we can find a way to use in the future. And if this one isn’t quite where your kids are at consider their other programs – – Wordy Qwerty and Jingle Spells which help our kids continue to have fun and learn (unbeknownst to them!)  They also offer an application for pre-k and kindergarten learners called Talking Shapes. I cannot say enough how much of a difference this has made in my son; he is having fun while become stronger and surer in his reading and spelling abilities.  This one is definitely a winner!


Talking Fingers Inc. Review
Have fun while you Read, Write  & Type:


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