Keep the Gate Open


I love this dog! We got him from a family in our church who needed to rehome him because of how active he was. They just didn’t have enough time to give him all that he needed. And bless their hearts they chose us to be his new family.

Now I confess I had this crazy vision in which everything went perfectly with this little guy. Suffice to say we have had more days where we have had to pack up our family and drive around the neighborhood to coax him into coming home.  Not because he isn’t loved in our home but simply because he loves to be free!


My oldest son is currently a part of our 4-H dog training program. We quickly learned that this little guy needs lots of exercise and lots of attention! As far as he’s concerned if the door is open he is free to run. And while I admire his enthusiasm I have a new appreciation for boundaries every time he flies out the door and into the street.

My kids pray immediately for Jesus to keep him safe until we can put him on the leash and bring him home. But if it doesn’t bring a little smile to my face seeing him so happy while he runs and races through the neighborhood.  So far we have been blessed that every time he has made it home safe. But even so our children still need to know how important it is to keep the gate closed.

I think about this as a lesson in faith too. How excited are we about our journey with the Lord? When we are born again baptized in Jesus name we have a freedom like never before. Yet even so we need to be mindful of what we do and where we go. How beautiful it is to see enthusiasm and energy when it comes to living for the Lord. 

When the gate is open our dog runs free with no fear at all. Can we say that same thing?  As the body of Christ are we fearful when that gate is open or do we go boldly forth even l knowing that our Lord is with us and will defend us every step of the way? I know this may seem silly but perhaps there is much we can learn from our fearless yet loyal furry friend.  To be so sure and so bold, so excited that nothing gets in our way.

Let us be free in Christ  like that! ♡♡♡


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