Spring into Spring with Great Freebies!

As you probably already know, I have been a member of the Old Schoolhouse Review Crew Team for a few years now and they have always been such a blessing to me! If you are not familiar with them, you need to be. 🙂 Have I said before how amazing and blessed I consider my family to be because of this organization? They offer so many fabulous resources to homeschooling families and their Schoolhouseteachers.com site is unbelievable! And now guess what?  They have blessed me (and you too!) with some of their great materials — from us to you – FOR FREE!!  Recently, I’ve been given the opportunity to offer some of the blessings to you. Every one of these is completely free to you!




Spring is in the air (for now) here in Wisconsin. Its time to begin spring cleaning and preparing for the Passover celebration! It is time to consider was we will plant and pray for a good harvest in the yer to come. So it seems now is a great time for a giveaway too!  But do me a favor would you?  Stop by their Facebook page and “like” them. You really won’t be disappointed! 😀

To receive these digital download e-books free of charge, just use the coupon code in this posting, just scroll down.  Be sure to enter this special code at check out and you will receive any or all of these three awesome materials below – Free!!    There are no strings attached – but this code is only good for the month of April – after that this deal will be gone with the wind.



Are you interested in a learning adventure where light becomes more than just something to brighten a room? Where bugs become fascinating creatures and not something to merely be screamed at? Order this 20-pack Adventure bundle today!





Does your student guess about how to proceed with a problem rather than actually think about how to solve it?  How can we increase a child’s math skills? See math is both abstract and concrete. Introduce math to your child in a practical and fun way!








What happens when you don’t follow God’s plan? Do you ever feel like He is not moving quickly enough for you? Who’s really in charge, you or God? Sometimes you may wish for life to move faster, but is it really right? Be encouraged today!






I chose each of these in hopes that one may be just what you need! Since my family celebrates the Passover, I am always looking for thing to encourage growth spiritually the time of year. And for my kids we are always on the lookout for materials that will encourage them and inspire them in their learning journey! Which is just what these materials do!  So be sure to get yours before the month is over and if you know anyone who could use these don’t hesitate to share!  Just don’t forget to use the code JKCREW16!  Nice and easy right? OH, and if you ave a chance, stop on by the Schoolhouse Review Crew and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine pages on Facebook to say “thank you”.   You can also see there, how much more they have to share.

I do hope you enjoy all of these goodies that they have to offer! May they bless your family as they have blessed mine so many times ❤ ❤


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