The Wonder of Life ~ “Where Babies Come From”

Since our daughter was born last year (I cannot believe she is a year on Sunday) our three older kiddos have been fascinated with babies. Where do they come from? How do they grow? How are they born? Questions that are tricky to answer — and “God gives them to us” hasn’t cutt it as an answer! Lol


Wonderfully Made |



My kiddos have all been to the doctor appointments; they have heard heartbeats and seen the ultrasound images. They have watched my doctor monitor baby growing in the womb. And it is so fascinating to them! Honestly, it is to me still. I mean, God is so amazing how he knits them together 🙂


Anyway when I found out that Danika Cooley was publishing Wonderfully Made: God’s story of life from conception to birth I was ecstatic! Although I admit I wish she would have done this last year! ha-ha


Typically my kids have just followed along via doctor visits and the books that I am able to find, that are not very engaging or exciting to my kids. But within the pages of this book, our children go through each week of the baby’s development inside the womb.  She shares scripture as well as factual details to show how science proves the Lord.  Again and again God is shown in this most miraculous, to be simply amazing!




Every week the size of baby is compared to something a child knows and understands; for example a grape or perhaps a plum.  This is told so sweetly and in such a beautiful way! And its not just physical details but also scriptural ones that are shared so our children know He knew them, before they were born. Every one of them, is a part of His plan and has a unique God given purpose. Before they were even born~






You can get your own copy of  Wonderfully Made, hardback along with some other wonderful freebies!   With these free scripture cards and this fabulous lap book you can really learn so very much together.  Learn more about the inspiration that inspired Danika Cooley to write Wonderfully Made. 🙂


Wonderfully Made: God’s Story of Life from Conception to Birth
Written by Danika Cooley
Illustrated by Jeff Anderson
Published by CF4Kids

Price: $9.99

Ages: 5-11


Wonderfully Made Scripture Cards |



Wonderfully Made Lapbook |



This is a beautiful and powerful way to teach our children how to value life. As we are training up our children in the way they should go, it is good for them to know the Word of God is the authority, as has a great deal to say about  life. Even before birth. And at the same time, what a wonderful way for our children to see the value that God sees in them. A great purpose and plan before any could ever even imagine. How great is our God!

















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