Devonian ~ Natural Beauty ~ A Schoolhouse Review


I have heard off and on, for awhile now, of Emu oil.  I love coconut oil myself but I admit, I am curious. Especially when it comes to natural, healthy alternatives for “beauty” care.  I guess there are many people prefer not to use Emu Oil for personal reasons; so is there something for them that is made without animal ingredients? Yes! It is GREEMU – made with plant oils and butters yet matching in quality to Emu Oil.has spent over two years developing a solution for this problem, and they’ve come up with a great one too.  GREEMU™ conforms to the standards for Grade A Emu Oil in terms of color, composition, texture, and consistency. Devonian spent over two years creating this as they believe in suitable plant replacements being used for anything rather than using materials derived from animals.



    “What exactly is GREEMU?”  I wondered that really because honestly until this I really didn’t know much of anything about this stuff. So, here’s what I know. It is a combination of plant oils and butters that work together to simulate emu oil in consistency and in what it does too. Since my skin is super sensitive and our Wisconsin weather has been crazy enough that some days we feel patchy and itchy and other days just really chapped, this review item came at a great time!



So what can you do with GREEMU? 



  • This can be used this as a skin moisturizer to help with chapped, dry and cracking skin. It also helps with those wrinkles and “cranky lines” on your forehead as my daughter refers to them!
  • This can be used to help with dry hair, spilt ends. I tried this myself because my hair is so fine and damaged from years of lack of care. Itchy scalp? This works for that too.
  • This can be used when baby has a nasty diaper rash. It doesn’t sting at all and I noticed a great difference since rashes are a huge issue with my teething babe right now.
  • This can also be used on minor cuts, burns, scratches (these are frequent in our house with four kids! Lol)



What’s it made of exactly? 


  • Macadamia seed oil
  • Palm oil
  • Shea butter
  • Sunflower seed oil
  • Rice bran oil



I have to say I found this to be great! I did notice, as I mentioned with my daughters diaper rash, a much softer feel and those nasty burns (I get now and again) certainly do not sting nearly as much when using this on them. Since spring is in the air here and we have been working to get our yard and garden in order and prepared, its nice to have something like this handy after grappling with the raspberry vines in our garden or trying to weed out and landscape a bit, our yard. Of course also, its great to use in your hair and on your skin in general. I personally noticed more of a healthy shine to my hair, fewer split ends too, although  do have very bad eyes. Lol My daughter really liked putting it in her hair after showers; she says her hair sparkles and her curls are curlier when she uses this. haha  She also thinks her hands sparkle too (she has very dry skin and so lots of issues with her cuticles, seem to be much better now too) And that is my four year old’s endorsement of this.  😀




Now we aren’t really vegetarians and we don’t have any real beef to Emu oil religiously, but I appreciate having choices. And we try hard to choose those“greener” products when we are able. GREEMU comes in a 4-ounce bottle at a cost of $10.80; not bad for something like this.  You only have to use a few drops of GREEMUTM at a time; we have been using this for about a month (maybe a bit more) and we still have quite a bit left. Very affordable and economical. If you purchase GREEMU by May 31st, they are offering a 20% discount when you purchase it from Koru Naturals. Just see the coupon code on their website to get your discount.


Greemu Devonian Review


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