So Quiet

I have to admit to feeling just a little bit guilty right now. You see my husband and my three oldest children just left early this morning to go to Illinois for a big Bible Quiz tournament.  Just me and my littlest one. And it is so quiet and our house.


I feel guilty because honestly I am just loving the silence. I am loving the order that I am able to create within her home right now. I have a pile of books and a yummy cup of java. For the first time in a long time I can hear myself think. I can read the words on the pages of my book and it’s as though I hear the right are speaking to me. This is quite a treat!

With my three oldest I have noticed as of late that the joy is waning.  I have begun to realize that it is time for a change. We need to be more purposeful in what we do each day and I think we need to bring those things that we are learning alive.

Just recently I reached out to a group of moms in my area who are all looking for a refreshing. Dust in the home but in how they educate their children at home to. And so we have the gun to meet twice a month to talk about what it really means to train our children. What are goals are for their learning. I am hoping to be able to blog this as we go along. Charlotte Mason has always stood out for me and like a number of the moms that I am now meeting with regularly I have felt a call to go back to her ways with my children.

There needs to be more joy in home. There needs to be more joy but I as a mom take some time with my little ones. And of course that means some things I need to renew my mind. I need to remember what childhood really ought to look like and then embrace it even if it isn’t quite as quiet and organized as I would like it to be. There is so much are children can learn from doing things both intentionally and unintentionally.

I think of what learning really is thought to be and I think of what it ought to be. Certainly I do not want my children to grow up hating books Andretti opportunities to experience different things. I want to encourage them and Inspire them. I want to see excitement and curiosity and enthusiasm in their eyes Whenever there is something new that they encounter. I want them to see the beauty and all that is around them. And most importantly I want them to know and remember always but whatever comes their way God is in it and for that alone they ought to embrace it.  

I feel guilty being glad that my children are away for the next few days. But I also see this as an opportunity that I so desperately need because in all the hustle and bustle and Noise that is this home that I do so love it does wear on me.  We all need time to rest and to energize ourselves. We need to be able to have time with God where we can sit quietly and listen for that sweet voice.

This is my time to do that. To sit at his feet and wait on him for Direction and for peace and for wisdom. It is my time to enjoy my sweetest little girl who is growing up so quickly. It is my time to have some cheesecake and turn the worship music up loud and just do those things that must be done.   And as I work and as I rest I know the one who will fill me full of that live in water that brings life and joy! 



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