Can’t or Won’t?

It seems I just can’t stop stepping on people’s toes lately!


I had a conversation recently which revolved around how not everyone “can” homeschool. It quickly turned to virtual schooling and government assistance programs “being a great bridge for those who need help” and still want to homeschool. To which I had to retort, school at home is not the same thing as home education? We cannot and should allow the government to be involved, in any way, with how we educate our children. Its too slippery of a slope..


I think it was Ronald Reagan who said, “the scariest words in the English language are I’m from the government and I’m here to help”.


I get so tired of people who are confused. There is a BIG difference between “can” and “won’t” and I wish others could tell the difference between the two.


The fact is this. Everyone CAN homeschool.  It’s whether or not everyone wants to. Really. 


If you want the expensive purse, or that fancy dress, you make a way. You plan and save so that you can. Same thing with home education.


I fear that we see educating our children as something that is the responsibility of the government. It saddens me that so many parents feel they are incapable of teaching their children and would rather allow a total stranger to bring them up. And I find it curious that parents who were taught by this very system that makes them feel inadequate, still trust that very system to educate their own children.




True home education is a way of life. It is more than textbooks and curriculum and schedules. There is a freedom that comes with real education at home; when done well  shows itself through the joy and curiosity that our children have and continue to have. I think about the how the Word of God says we are a peculiar people and I know all too well that when my children are peculiar I am blessed. Whatever it takes!




What frustrates and saddens me is the “I wish I could but I cant” mentality. I understand not everyone wants to and not everyone is led to do so. Definitely home education needs to have God in it …. If it wasn’t for Him…oh my! Some days it is hard . I just get irritated with the mentality so many of have of the government being the ones that teach our children. My point is that we need to get to the place where we want it and so we work to make it happen. We have to get out of the mindset that “we can’t” and have faith that maybe we cant but He can. And if we don’t want to, why cant we just say that? If its not a priority, then its just not a priority. But thats more honest than saying you want to but can’t do it.






I always think of how God’s word talks about how we need to be careful we do not cause another to stumble. I think of schools as major stumbling blocks. I mean, our kids are kids. I don’t think the things they encounter there should be things they have to deal with. At their young age they are not prepared to deal in a Godly way with those things; there is not yet a firm foundation set. There are so many temptations and dangers there. Why take the chanceWe see again and again in His word hat happens when someone does challenge His isntruction… They didn’t destroy it all; they kept something back. They could not let go of that one thing… And it never ended well for them. There are some who are blessed to have been in the schools and still walk with God but it is not meant for our kids to be on the battlefield. Especially nowadays when you cannot even let your kids go to a public restroom by themselves…when right is taught as wrong and wrong taught as right.  So much that is being taught as “fact” ~ Much like Santa and the Easter Bunny…. which “truth” will they choose to believe in the end? If most of their days their diet is that of worldly wisdom …..sigh





Here is the thing…we have been so conditioned through the years (most of us) that our kids need to know this and that by a certain age. Most believe that they can not do a better job than the schools can – that is sad and it is wrong. If we ever doubt our abilities as parents, to raise our children, especially when we are living and following the one who created our little ones…I was never a fan of school as a child. I hated it. And yet I loved to learn. I was blessed that my mother raised me in an environment that was rich with opportunities to learn outside of the school’s walls. BUT I know many who worry so about their children well being – they stress about their kids not reading yet or not understanding algebra – they forget that really none of that matters in the way we were taught it does. Our kids are all, every one of them, amazing and able to do so much more than we could imagine if we just allow them to take their time and learn on their schedule. Who decides that they are behind or that they are advanced? Who determines what they need to know and when? Its too much pressure; its unnatural learning and in an unnatural and unhealthy environment. Let them be children. Let them learn and explore and be curious. School whether virtually or otherwise, by definition only conditions and trains our children in one way. Ultimately stamping out a love for learning and never teaching them how to learn and think for themselves.




This world is so confused about what really matters. My oldest son and I had to have that conversation the other day. He doesnt play sports; he is a Bible quizzer and if there isn’t an anointing of God on that boy…He wants to fit in and I have to remind him that he wasn’t born to fit in. He is a child of God. His focus needs to be on eternity. Of course he can play and have fun – we do lots of that at home – but the Word of God that he has in his heart and min – thats better more valuable than football and baseball and soccer games. Those things won’t get you closer to God; they won’t help you in your salvation. Thy are fun but He comes first. And He blesses all that we do, that our kids do, if we just give them to Him. All of them. All for Him. I tell him often, this is how all the great ones from so long ago were educated. George Washington, Lincoln .. all were self taught….we need more men and women with that kind of training today!
 It is not easy to bring your children home. There is so much that we as mamas need to unlearn before we can truly begin to train up our children for Him. I think of all the things that I was taught in school. I think of all those tests and all those things that we were required to show knowledge on throughout the years. I always felt so much pressure; I was trapped. I just wanted out. It reminds me of how important it is for us to be wise in what our children are learning. There is the wisdom of the world and then there is the wisdom of the Lord. These are two very different things. While the world tells us that our children need to score at certain levels on tests and show an ability to do calculus and understand chemistry, to be physically fit and culturally aware and tolerant…. the Lord says otherwise. Our children need to know that there is a truth. Just one. They need to know that it applies to all times and situations and people. One day every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess the Christ is Lord. Is their worldview focused on the Bible or is it focused on the world?
When we stand before Him, when we report on all our children know and do, will it be that which glorifies Him or that which glorifies the world?

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