Getting Down and Out

I have been spending a lot of time talking with a good friend of mine.  She is a lovely I’m strong and spirited woman who is full of love for God it suddenly feeling very far from Him.  what do we do when we feel that we are far from where we are to be? I think of those times when I feel like I am slipping away, those times when I need to remember where I was and where I am today. When we need to testify to the Lord’s goodness. It’s important to go back and remember. So we can see and then say Look What the Lord Has Done. 

I remember when this young lady first came into the church and a good friend of mine introduced us. What a desire there was, a nothing is goibg to stop me attitude…Seeing those who are newly born again and being able to watch them grow. …I find there to be such a blessing in their witness.  Those new converts have such a fire and a desire to do whatever it takes for the Lord. It should excite us and encourage us. I do believe this even helps our own fire to continue to grow.  For some as time goes by perhaps we see our loved ones reject the truth that we embrace or perhaps we see friends in the faith fall away. Regardless challenges and changes always come our way.  We have to be ready to stand before these things come and tempt us to fall.

I think of how God said he would rather we were hot or cold than lukewarm.  I feel for my friend because I know how hard it can be. Sewing the bottom of the world the Lord’s sheep fold indoor without losing some things. It reminds me other message I heard once the talked about how there are always some things that must die. And we must be wise and allow those things to be put to rest. We cannot fight for everything. Especially those things that draws further from the Lord. 


We talk often lately about what it really means to live this life for God. I let her know when I don’t see her in church that she was missed. I think too often we forget that sometimes there are people who need that extra encouragement. I think specifically of this family in our church that moved away some time ago and is now moving back. And it’s been all the talk. And it really saddens me that there can be so much fuss made over one when so many are also empty.  Many sit in the pews and need that same encouragement. There is always someone who feels they just don’t fit in and needs another to reach out and make a fuss over them. 

I remind myself often that unlike most people I could pick up tomorrow and go to another part of the world and probably not blink an eye. It probably sounds bad but I’ve never had those kinds of connections with anyone. I have never had those close friendships. I often remind others who may desire my strength that I only have it because of how long I have walked alone. Being in the faith today I know that the Lord has always walked with me and I have never truly been alone. Yet strength seldom comes from being surrounded by others. If I had not endured the trial send the loss of so many of those I held dear in my life, I wonder where I might be today. If those friends that I love so and pray fervently for today, if they were still in my life perhaps my wife would be very different one. Only the Lord knows but I have faith in His purpose. 

Certainly I admit that there are times I struggle with wanting those close relationships but who would I be if I was surrounded by those who adored me? Who would I be if I had others around always willing to do for me? How different would my home and our home education B  if I was a part of a more popular crowd? It’s only a lonely life when I forget the Lord is at my side.


We will all struggle whether we are surrounded by friends or whether we walk alone. We cannot grow without those trials so really the key is to rejoice in whatever situation you are in and to know that where you are is where the Lord has placed you. I pray for those I know who struggle so with not fitting in and was feeling left out and all alone. I pray that the Lord we’ll hold them close.  We live in times where wrong is right and right is wrong everything is being shaken and the world is a mess.  I pray so often for those who are feeling lost, that the Lord will remind them of whose they are.   I also pray that these ladies who come into my life feeling this way, I pray that the Lord will use me to help them to embrace who He created them to be.

  We can’t all fit in.  I don’t think there’s any point in trying. But we can and we ought to rejoice in being those that He set apart as His own. 


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