Memorial Press: Logic I Complete Set ~~~ A Schoolhouse Review


We had the joy of reviewing some materials for Memoria Press last year so we were really very eager to review their materials again. This time we were blessed with their Traditional Logic I Complete Set This is something I have really wanted to use (for myself as well as my son) for some time now. There are so many benefits to traditional logic; it baffles me that this is not something that is studied more nowadays.






My oldest son is 10, and he loves things like speech and debate and apologetic.  So I just knew that this would be something that could really benefit him in the long run.  I looked over the materials myself when they first arrived and I was really impressed, honestly, with how well organized this is. It is put together in such a way, that even my son, could really independently complete this program. There are four parts to the Traditional Logic I set, which include a student text, instructional DVDs (there are 2 in the case), a book for Quizzes and Tests, and a Teacher’s Key where you can find all the answers you need.




This program is written for grades 7 and up however, since my son is such an avid debater and eager to really learn these kinds of skills, I was more than happy to let him try his hand at traditional logic. The videos were a bit hard for him to follow; I think his eyes glazed over a bit while we were watching the very first one.  Honestly, we spent more time in the workbook than on the videos — I think as he gets older the videos will be more appropriate for him but right they are over his head —



“Traditional logic trains the mind to respect truth, and indeed assumes a Christian view of truth throughout, which is one of the reasons it appealed to the Medieval schoolmen.” 



If you are a stranger to logic, you need not worry The course begins with a great explanation of exactly what logic is. As Oliver Wendall Holmes famously said, “Logic is logic. That’s all I say.”  Briefly covering the history of logic, the very first chapter of this course discusses what simple apprehension is. This includes topics like truth, validity and soundness.









This really is an excellent program for anyone looking for an introduction to classical logic. This is “the basic, simple structure of categorical reasoning” and focuses more on the form or structure of arguments than on content. Not sure how I feel about that honestly as I do believe content plays an integral role in things. However I definitely consider this course to be excellent in teaching the science of “right thinking”. Seeing that I had very little opportunity when I was younger to truly study this myself, I have to admit I have been fascinated with this course. The instructor is amazing in how he speaks on each lesson within this program (over my son’s head but great food for this momma) and I appreciate how clearly everything is explained so that when it comes time to complete the pages in the workbox that correspond with the lesson itself, you know exactly what to do.





We really liked how the workbook was laid out (they could have provided a bit more space for writing answers though). The exercises within the workbook are not simple; they really make you think.  Some ask you to read carefully, certain text before completing sets of questions. Other exercises ask you to define things like truth and logic. There are some exercises where the student simply has to determine if a statement is true or false and then others where you might have to choose an object from your surroundings and then tell of its extension and comprehension.  Sounds pretty serious eh? Don’t worry, this program really makes these things simpler than they sound. And lots of fun too! There are also quizzes and tests to complete at the end of each lesson. By the time we got to the end of each chapter I think we had a pretty good handle on things!





We will definitely be continuing through this program together.  I think this will also be one we will revisit as my kids all get older. This really is a great investment though educationally; if you are looking for a logic course, you need not look any further. Memorial Press also offers an online forum which is meant to be a tool for discussion and a great place to find support and guidance if needed. No matter what you know, think you know, or don’t know about traditional logic, this course is a great way to learn all you need to know at the introductory level. And for those who end up hooked, there is also a second part so you really can get a strong understanding and ability in traditional logic with this.  Again I say, this is so worth the investment. We are going to be getting the second part of this eventually ourselves. 🙂




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