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Science Shepherd Review

We really love science in our house and we are always looking for something fun to do in this genre.  Not long ago we were so blessed to have the opportunity to review a course from Science Shepherd,  Introductory Science. This program is a combination of videos and lessons, all online, and comes with a spiral bound workbook. There are various levels for this program.  Level A is recommended for ages 6-8 and Level B (which we received for review) is recommended for ages 9-12. Level B contains the same material as Level A but includes additional materials for the older students. This is a Biblically based course; we can work at our own pace and there are even fun hands on projects to complete along the way.
So as I said before we received the Level B physical workbook to go along with the online videos;  we have year long access to the online program. I used this material mostly with my oldest son (who is 10) but my younger son, 6 and a huge science lover, watched a number of the videos and even did some of the lessons with us (Just for fun!).  I admit I watched quite a few videos with the kids myself; I really appreciated how they were the perfect length even for my littler ones. And the scriptures fit in so perfectly with the lessons that were being taught too~
This program is so amazingly easy to use! Even the hands on projects within this course are simple; there was nothing that we needed to run to the store for. No crazy items needed either. Not once did we have to stop a lesson or schedule it for another day for lack of anything. Thats a big deal for this momma with four kiddos.
There are videos to watch each day; these are fairly short and following the video is a workbox page (or two) for them to complete. The questions are a great way to ensure that what is being taught, was caught 🙂 There are five videos for each week and five worksheets; some weeks there are also fun hands on projects too! For example, one of the assignments was to make your favorite animal out of clay (or playdoh even) and then talk about the reasons it is your favorite. My son chose the Spinosaurus (even though it no longer exists) and my younger son chose a snake. My daughter (who is four) wanted in on this one – her favorite was the pony! Some of the worksheets include cross words and word search puzzles, others have space to draw a picture or write (example: what do you have dominion over?).


This really is a full curriculum.  Beginning with creation itself and going through topics such as weather, soil, volcanos, fossils, dinosaurs, structure and function of leaves. We studied fern and pine trees (both which are all over in our yard too!) along with learning what they need to grow and where they live around the world. We classified plants and studied the anatomy of the solar system too. There is even a section that covers human beings although we have not made it there yet. But this really does cover so much material in so many various areas of science.   You can see some of the material covered in the workbooks along with the scope and sequence of it all too!







I love how this program has scripture all over the place! Every page of the workbook includes a scripture which relates to what is being learned. God really is at the center of  all of it, which is just where He belongs.  It also helps my kids, at least, to see that the Word of God really does relate to them and the world that they live in. When we read Jonah 1:4 we are studying storms and how storms are created. As we read about the ocean tides we are reminded of how God spread the Earth out above the waters, as it is written in the Psalms 136. Again and again we read His word and then we learn and as we do these things, we not only gain a greater understanding of scientific concepts but also of God. What an amazing way for our kids to both learn the word and grow in it too.





We are still working through this program ourselves but we really do love it! And I would recommend this to any who are looking for a science program for their children that is Biblically focused. This is a wonderful way to introduce our children to science while also studying scripture with them. My oldest son especially enjoyed all of the puzzles within the pages of this book. Especially since this can be done at your own pace, it is a fun way for our kids to really learn and gain an appreciation for all that God has created in the world around us. So simple to use, yet so very powerful within the lessons I know my children have a greater appreciation for all that is around us and see a connection like they didn’t before between all these things we study in this program, and God, Himself. Again, this is a great way to teach our kids and also maintain a worldview that is centered on the Word of God too.


Science Shepherd Review

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