What is Left

I have been thinking a lot lately. I think I mentioned that in the previous post too. Reflecting on our home and what we are leaving to our children. I think nowadays it’s so important for us to be honest with ourselves and our families about what it is we want to leave and what it is we are leaving for our children.


I think of myself so often as someone who can do it all. Or at least I continually want to be able to do it all. I was raised that way and it’s so hard to remember sometimes but it’s better when we can’t do it all. There is nothing that we can do outside of God’s will that truly matters. It’s all about Him working through us not us working for Him.  There is a real beauty in being unable to do it all and and being okay with that too. It’s something we need to show our children. But it’s okay when we can’t do it all because our God can. 


I think about what are home exudes to our children. My husband and I. What do we show our children? Did they see our need for Jesus? We are in the process of digging and electronic funds around our yard. It is slow and painstaking work. But it needs to be done because we have a dog who doesn’t understand but it’s dangerous to leave the yard. In the same way I think of our children. And I think of the need that every one of us has for Jesus. There is a spiritual fence that surrounds us all whether we like it or not. And the Lord puts that fence there to keep us safe and protected. It is there to set us apart for Him. 

How we live clearly shows whether or not we are staying within those borders that have been set for us.  Do our children CA in obedience to God? Do they see as seeking after the Lord’s will? We can dress the part and we can read your Bible and pray now and then but if we are not consistent if now and then we are eager and willing to go outside of those borders that the Lord has set for us what are we showing our children?

I think of the choices that we make when it comes to entertainment and free time. We have to be good stewards of our time and our home. Certainly none of us are perfect but are we striving in all that we do to do it for the glory of God? It’s been so on my heart to pray more with my children. Certainly we pray together before bed and no one then throughout the day they will come and ask me to pray for them or with them. Usually that’s when they hurt themselves or when there’s something that they really want.  But what about teaching them to pray just because? How important is it to teach our children that we need to pray more before there is a need. But we need to love and pray just because. Because there’s breath in our body and because there is strength enough.

I write this today as a reminder to myself but there is nothing that matters more then being in God’s will. And there is nothing more important for us to teach our children then to learn how to listen for the Lord and then be obedient to Him.  We hear it said all the time that we were not created and we were not saved to be silent. But we were created to be Messengers two others of the goodness of God.  May we reach out, sincerely seeking after those who are desperate for the Lord. May we be witnesses to others of the love and goodness of God.  And may we be so very sensitive to the spirit of God in our lives, even in our homes, that our children will be overflowing as well with a love and desire for more of God in their own lives.


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