Sunya Publishing ~ Schoolhouse Review

Math isn’t something we get excited about in this house. Except maybe, my husband. But we were recently give the opportunity to review something new; it sounded pretty exciting too! Sunya Publishing is a new company which has produced a new math game we were given the opportunity for review.  Sunya – The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Multiplying & Dividing.  Recommended for ages 9 and up this is meant to be a fun way to explore and understand math. We received the teachers guidebook, 2 packs of cards (one containing 60 number cards, wild and operation cards, the other containing 30 fact and riddle cards), and a number line for assistance with multiplying and dividing as needed.




Sunya is a brand new company which distributes this quite interesting math game we have been trying to play in the last few weeks; they have addition/subtraction as well as multiplication/division.My oldest son really struggles with his times tables and my younger son is learning them right now so this seemed like something that could be fun for both of them. I was quite curious about this myself, I admit!





Within the Parent/Teacher Guidebook you find everything you need to know about how to play the game. It also includes quotes the meaning of Sunya (this is a Sanskrit word for solitude or stillness) and lots more! We loved how we were able to see the ancient writings, called Brahmi numerals as well. Being that my oldest loves learning various languages and forms of cryptic writing, this was quite a treat for him to have the chance to write some of these ancient characters himself. There was so much amazing information within this book regarding the universal language of math.  Historical tidbits, a glossary, parts of a number sentence and famous math quotes are within the pages of this book. My favorite part of this book was the pages of Math and Science Facts and Riddles.  Some of these were really funny and since my boys are quite the little comedians, they sure had a great time learning and sharing them with others!








Regarding the game, I like to think I am smarter than a 9 year old but I admit, I really struggled with how to play. The instructions were a bit confusing to me (and my husband, an engineer, wasn’t too sure about them himself). Honestly, I am still not completely sure about how the game is supposed to be played. We gathered that we are creating number sentences with the cards and that whoever is out of cards first is the winner, but that didn’t really stick with my kids for long.








My boys really had a blast using them to just make and test one another on various math problems. So my oldest might lay out cards showing 4 x 5 and my younger son would make the answer of 20 with his cards. My oldest son liked to lay out a number too, like 50 and then based upon if it was multiplying or dividing, create the number sentence that would have 50 as an answer. So we really did do our best to make this work even though we were rather baffled by the details provided in the book. Perhaps this was one of those great opportunities for mom to show some humility by acknowledging that sometimes, reading the book, doesn’t help answer our questions. So much for thinking we can find it all in a book.  Then again there were lots of details within the 25 pages of the guide provided and being someone who doesn’t have a had for math to begin with, perhaps I just am not quite “there”. 🙂







Honestly, we had more fun playing with the fact and riddle cards.  We had tons of fun using them! Sometimes we would quiz each other and sometimes it was just sharing with a friend to see if they could get the riddle or not. In fact, I think, many of these cards really helped encourage my oldest especially (He hates math) that math really can be fun!  It’s always so nice to have the opportunity to review something that turns out to be so much fun for my kids. And really, while we struggled with the game itself, there were so many other ways that my kids enjoyed these cards. This is definitely a fun one; use your creative juices if you want and have lots of fun playing with numbers and learning crazy things! Just striving to help others who struggle with math, to find some joy in it. This definitely was one of those things that made math a fun and even laughable topic in our homeschool!




Math and Science {Sunya Publishing Review}




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