Learn with the Heroes, Heroines of Ancient History

We love history1 I say that a thousand times on this blog don’t I? As a home educator I always want to ensure my kiddos (from smallest to biggest) are excited about learning. After all my goal here isn’t to be able to check off what they know or don’t know; I am not concerned with them being able to score on an exam or anything like that. I am focused more, on their ability to learn and think for themselves. So I was happy, ecstatic and giddy, to have the chance to review  Heroes, Heroines, and Tales of Ancient History by Golden Prairie Press








We were so very blessed to receive a full set of materials for this course which included:


  • Tales of Ancient History Vol. 1 & 2
  • Ancient History Skits Volume 2
  • Sing Some Ancient History (CD)
  • Listen to Some Ancient History (CD)
  • Additional History Materials CD





These are available as physical books and CDs however we received the Digital Edition, which consisted of pdf downloads and MP3’s.  The downloads are in full color, very eye catching and engaging.  See for yourself at Golden Prairie Press.  This course is recommended for grades 1-6 (we used this with my three who are 10, 6 and 4). And can I say they really LOVED this one?  🙂
I am big on maps and timelines when it comes to learning! Especially for my younger kids I do believe these two materials make a huge difference in how they learn. To be able to see something in relation to yourself — It really does make a difference. It brings history to life for them. I also have to say the audio is a HUGE asset to this program; with so many strange names of people and places, its nice for our kids to be able to hear the names of them all instead of trying to struggle through pronouncing them or just ignoring them to “get by” completely.
Another thing that is really great about this program is the, while there is reading to do, there are so many amazing projects for our kids to learn through as we go along. I think there is more learning done in these projects than anything else (at least for my boys!). There is a book that is full of skits for our kids to enjoy acting out; these cover stories like Pandora’s Box and Ulysses, Cyrus and his Grandfather and some other great legends! These are lots of fun and great practice in reading as everyone who is able can choose a part to act out. My oldest prefers being the narrator and my two little ones, while they are not yet independent readers, do love to act out as much as they can of the story while I read the various parts (or my oldest son with me).

As my kids and I have worked through this one, together, we have really appreciated having the option of both 1st/2nd grade and 4-6th grade readings. I think this encourages all of my kids too because while my littles aren’t quite readers yet, they are very inquisitive and do love some of the activities and details given in the higher level reading. But they are also able to et an understanding of the material at their own level. This is simply priceless if you ask me. There is so much potential in this program for all ages and as my oldest gets more independent in his studies there is just so much that we (should I say he?) could do on his own even?

There was even a coloring book which my kids really enjoyed (my oldest used the images within them as guides since he prefers to draw and sketch his own stuff). There were lots of fun pictures as well as space for the kids to write. I referred to this part as a short version of note booking since I would have my kids color (or draw) the image we were using that day and then write a bit about it. Sometimes it was a simple statement from my daughter (who is 4) that “birds are pretty” and other times it would be scientific facts or details my kids learned about whatever they were doing.  It was a great and fun way to engage all three of them in a bit of specific study. Sometimes it was history, like an Egyptian head dress, other times it was a camel or a chariot. It’s only a few pages, but it was lot of fun for us regardless!
This program has about 30 weeks within it; we go a bit slower around here ourselves but suffice to say, there are 5 lessons within each week. Beginning with the Creation of the World and ending with a study of Saint Patrick. This is so full of beautiful images on every page. My kids are very visual (aren’t most kids) so its such a blessing to see some of these things we are reading about. It really gives an appreciation for so much of history too! And each lesson ends with questions, writing topics, a memory verse to learn and often a project to make. In one lesson we made pyramids out of  playdoh, in another we made Chinese hats. There were goodies to bake and music to make; there were geography games and skits. So many ways for our kids to learn all of this amazing history and have fun doing it!

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