Bring Back the Love

I think everyone of us who is a home educator wants to ensure that are kids grow up learning to love learning. Unfortunately we all know that there are times when they just don’t love learning. I know in our house lately it’s all been a struggle from the big one or the small ones. And after spending some time trying to force things I have taken a couple steps back lately. 


No matter how many years we have done this homeschool thing I admit that there are still times that I look back. Perhaps after talking 2 another mom whose son is doing amazing things I start to wonder what mine will do the same. Or perhaps when our kids are struggling to understand a concept but everyone else got years ago.

It can be easy to forget that our children are all different. They all have special skills and god-given gifts which we need to be able to identify and then encourage.   My oldest son is extremely artistic while my younger son is a builder and a fixer. My oldest daughter is a doer and likes nothing more son to be caring for her baby sister and playing with her dolls and baking yummy treats to go with the afternoon tea party she has most days.  My oldest son needs to move in here in order to learn my younger one needs to see it.  There’s so many different ways that our children can learn and there are so many strengths but we need to be able to see with and every one of our children so that we can encourage them in the way that works best for them.  


I think it’s easier for our kids to learn and enjoy learning when we know what their strengths and their weaknesses are. And when they know them too.  So I am stepping back to really observe my children and to see where their interests lie so that we can further pursue those things this summer. My oldest son just got an amazing book to help him with his art as we draw our way through the Bible and history. My younger son has a bunch of snap circuits and we have tons of books on animals and science to peruse with him. Lots of experiments and even building a couple airplane models.    My daughter is spending the summer dancing and singing and making music and drawing. And in all of this we also have lots of great books to read and plans 4 fun trips to take so we can explore the great outdoors together. 

I remember reading some time ago but the biggest mistake we make with our kids is not allowing them to leave. Now the article I read was talking more about when we are outdoors and nature trails and hiking. But it made an excellent point when he spoke of how we need to give our children more time to look and explore. Whatever they may be doing. How often I wonder have I rushed my kids through something the could have been so much more than it was? When my kids are watching the Bumblebee in our yard or when they’re observing the birds building a nest.  Perhaps they have a question about something within the book or read it. Do we take a break from the book itself to explore that word or event or place? So many times I think I have rushed us through things for my own convenience rather than taking the time to explore with them and answer their questions.

So my goal for the summer is to live in the right now. To slow down and give my children more opportunities to guide me. And in all of this my prayer for us to capture more joy and our moments together.  Of course this means there is work that this Mama must do too. Because I really need to intentionally slow down myself and worry less about what the world says my children ought to know. It’s an exercise in faith.  Taking little steps and just expecting something great from the Lord. In His time not mine.  ♡♡♡


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