Wise Guys ~ A Book Review

I live with quite a few guys; they all think they are pretty wise too! haha  Seriously though, when it comes to wisdom, it is the principal thing right? So says the Word of God anyway. In fact we are to get wisdom and understanding and forget it not. That said I was eager to have the chance to read and review a copy of Wise Guys, written by Kent Evans. And why not share this with my oldest son and my husband even? Who doesn’t like to have a couple wise guys around? 😛




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From the very first pages, Evans speaks to the changes society has made when it comes to men; our perception and their place in this world which has changed from one of leadership to one of submission. He makes it clear, men need to be the examples; they need to stand up and take charge. It is so true – there is a great challenge our boys and men face each day. We live in a world that is all about right now; its about doing what feels good and catering to our every whim. There is so little focus on maturity and self control; there is almost no emphasis on serving and respecting others. Too many parents raise their children as friends and equals instead of using discipline and character training.  We live in a world where we are told we have to show tolerance for everything.  No longer can we say what is right or wrong. But we know otherwise don’t we? The Bible is clear that we are to train up a child; it is also clear that the husband is to be the head of the home. There is a way which was designed for both man and women; we need to embrace that way.





As we read this book, we read again and again about the value wise men have play in the lives of our boys.  He fills the pages of this book with stories of how men in his life, helped him to become the man he is today. The words within these pages are all so very real, down to earth and honest, with some good humor mixed in too.  We see, as he shares with us the values and personalities of his mentors, how important it is for us to surround our boys and young men with similar types. There is such value in our boys having a strong mentor in their lives. Whether it is their father or another, it has a value and power that helps to shape and mold them more and more into the role God has for them.




As my first born son gets older, I do so appreciate books like this one. Full of real advice for real men on how to reach out and change the world while also inspiring our kids.  How important it is for our boys, especially as they get older, to see what life looks like. To have men to look up to who are honest and real about their life and encourage them while also reminding them that it does get messy.  Our kids need to see and be taught by example that things don’t always go as planned, that sometimes its not easy and it takes time and a couple tries to get it right and figure it all out.  Men and boys encouraging one another, praying together, and sharing their lives and stories….  this needs to be seen but it also needs to be heard.






WISE GUYS:  Unlocking Hidden Wisdom from the Men Around You shares great wisdom in how to do just that! 






As I have read I have shared whats I am reading with my son (who is 10).  We have chatted a bit here and there about things within the pages of “Lessons Learned” and “Questions to Consider” sections at the end of each chapter. While he is a bit young for this one right now I still think it is good for him to hear so much of hat is within these pages. Its about planting some seeds right now.  A good way for him to consider those in his own life, big or small, who inspire and encourage him. May he begin to have his own experiences and stories to share one day!





ABOUT THE BOOK:  Softcover, 154-pages
WISE GUYS:  Unlocking Hidden Wisdom from the Men Around You


“For guys, more than ever, it’s a confusing world.  Your GPS doesn’t offer any maps showing how to get to the point of wisdom — and who likes asking for directions anyway?  But there are ways to get that guidance you need.  The answers may be all around you, in the form of guys you already know. Wise guys.  More experienced guys.  Better-traveled guys.  Could there be ways to tap into their invaluable knowledge without enduring dull lectures or taking pages of notes?  Kent Evans has surrounded himself with these wise guys.  They have shown him all the back roads on the way to wisdom.  With a great deal of humor and an endless supply of stories, he wants to show you how to gather life-enriching truth from the guys in your own circle.”




KENT EVANS is the board chairman and co-founder of Manhood Journey, a ministry that helps fathers and mentors build the next generation of godly men.   Kent has personally experienced how the guidance of godly men can change the course of a life.   Today he is blessed with a solid 20-year marriage, four wonderful sons and a fulfilling life – largely because of what he’s learned from other men.   He lives in Louisville, Kentucky, and can be found on Twitter @manhoodjourney

For more information about WISE GUYS visit:



Official Website –  ( download a free sample of the book)
Twitter – @manhoodjourney

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