Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017






Life has been SO crazy lately! I always mean to get that calendar out and write it all down and yet….sigh  There was some dread, but also some excitement (and lots of hope) when I saw my opportunity to review from The Old SchoolhouseHey Mama! Print Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017! Because I do LOVE their stuff! All of it. 🙂  There are archery lessons, scouts and Bible Quizzing – that’s not to mention all the fun field trips we have been doing with our local homeschool group either as of late – I think I missed a few because I forgot to write them down – others I wrote down on a scrap of paper…never seen again. I admit that while I am so all about being organized I tend to be anything but organized honestly.










I was so excited when this came; honestly I forgot about it. So it was extra exciting to get this strange box from the post office one day. Unbeknownst to me there was a beautiful and study bag that had this planner neatly tucked inside! I love surprises like that! 🙂


The planner is 192-pages; its not just calendar either. In fact, on the very first page, there is a sweet letter written by Gena Suarez to us mamas.  It is a beautiful reminder that as the days go by there will be times of joy, times of struggle, and all sorts of challenges in our path but we are reminded that it is all His design. And we need to trust in His faithfulness.  Because God is ALWAYS good, right?




This planner contains pages for 2016, 2017, and 2018. I won’t give it all away but there is so much more inside!

  • Monthly Calendars with Hey Mama! Letters and space for Notes
  • Weekly Planners
  • Monthly, Semester, and Weekly Goals
  • Books Read This Year
  • Curriculum Planning Sheet
  • Homeschool Contact List
  • 36 General Writing Prompts
  • The Thirteen Colonies by Date
  • Timeline of Inventions
  • Creating an Academic Transcript
  • Checklists and Skills Learned

This is the tip of the iceberg; there is so much more! Definitely not your average planner!




I look forward to really beginning to use this, it starts with August 2016, and have already been jotting down notes. Experiences we would like to have, events that we hope to attend. Classes to organize and develop on our own and with a group. We even have some potential field trips that are being planned for the coming year. Right now though our big focus is on the goal pages: there are pages for monthly goals as well as semester goals and yearly goals. Its been my hope that my oldest would begin setting more defined ones for himself so this is a huge asset! I am planning touring the joy back to our home school and this planner is really helping me to get things in order so we can have that!





On a sidenote, there are so many “fun” pages in this planner too. For example, one of the pages has a most awesome rustic photo of horseshoes & farm nippers. There are others like this scattered throughout the pages of this little planner; I consider these reminders of simpler times. Images and little lessons that can help us to keep things in focus. Let’s get back to some of those basics. There are pages to keep track of the books we read this year and also sheets for curriculum planning. Being that I am a recovering curriculum hoarder I can sure use this (keep me in line maybe?). What am I using really and why? I guess I need that extra accountability so I don’t buy stuff we never use! There are writing prompts in here (imagine your day with if your toys come to life) and story starters for helping that imagination going. And did you now that silly putty was invented in 1943? Talk about some cool school! 🙂





As you go through the planner the pages are full of lovely inspiration. Little bits of wisdom. The Hey Mama! re probably my favorite thing about this planner. Such wise words for us Mama’s to read. Simple reminders and encouragement. Gentle truths that we need to remember and hold fast to. Its been a tough couple of weeks in our home so these letters, they have really been special to me! I visit them often honestly; some days its the main reason I pick up this planner.






I love the design of the Hey Mama! Planner. I really do! The design just makes me feel so at home; it gives a traditional, maybe vintage feel to it all. I think my grandmother might have been pleased to have one of these for herself. Its rustic, old fashioned, and yet so for right now. All of the pages and forms within this planner are nicely organized; plenty of room to write and doodle! And for those times when I am feeling stuck myself, I can just open this and on most any page find a bit of refreshing. I am so happy and consider myself quite blessed to have received one of these myself!



I am really enjoying this planner and how much it encourages me to get more organized in our home school!

Think about grabbing this planner for yourself; only $19(that’s a savings of $10) if you use the code CREWCODE.  Do it Now! Lol



Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 Review
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