Mother & Son The Respect Effect

” As a mother it is never too early and never too late to apply this message of respect. A boy is never too young and never too old.”   Sarah Eggrichs


There is no doubt that perhaps one of the hardest things for this mama is to watch my son go from being my baby two young man. At the same time I know that there are things that I need to acknowledge and recognize within him as he grows. It’s not just about showing them that we love them but also that we respect them.  And so I was eager to read this one and see, the for myself, Mother and Son: The Respect Effect.

I admit I don’t really know what a boy needs. And of course since he really doesn’t either there is this crazy Circle but we go around and around in. It never seems to end. Needless to say I was quite pleased to read about a little tool called Respect Talk. In this way we can stress that we do respect them while also addressing whatever issue is at hand.  As a mother I can admit that I like to use words I’m sometimes I use too many of them.  With this form of communication though we learn how to use words that are boys will hear and understand. Words that will speak to our respect and love will also influence in his heart.  Because everything needs to be addressed in the heart.

I think of 1 Peter 3:1-2 which talks about the importance and value of love and respect together. It’s important for us to understand just what respect looks like to our boys so that we can then show it to them.


There is so much wisdom within this book. I love how again and again it is stress but we need to show that we respect our boys as exactly who God made them to be. The same time it also encourages us to help them to grow in wisdom and honor becoming men of God.

There is so much that is covered within the pages of this book. Take anger for example this is something but I have to admit we struggle with as of late. My son and I. Well he is such a gentle and sensitive soul at the same time he can be so very temperamental and lacking in self-control.  Again and again I remind myself and him but the Bible tells us it’s okay to be angry but we must be sure that we do not sin in our anger.

In a time when it seems the line is blurred more and more between male and female it is important that our boys understand but God did not create them to be the same. It is important to understand and honor God’s design. I think every one of us can agree that how we mamas perceive something it’s very different than her husband’s do. And our sons and daughters have obvious differences as well. This is as it was created to be.

It really is so simple to show respect for our boys.  If we always speak what is true and if we truly look for those things we can speak about honestly and respectfully. We need to look for insight so that we can encourage our boys to change for the better. It’s about facts.

It is said that men use the word respect less than women use the word love. Perhaps we could take our cues from that. How watered down do our boys can consider it to be when we are so awesome using these words? I think of all the times within the Bible that God speaks 2 the words that we use. How much value is being the words that we speak? Certainly what we speak shows where our heart is. We need to be mindful of the words that we choose to use.

We are told that we have not because we ask not.  So let us ask right now for God’s help to discern and apply those truths showung our sons that respect?


This book is full of examples and guides and checklists. And I don’t know about you but whenever I am approaching a new thing I need examples. I need a list so that I can go through the steps one at a time properly until it feels so natural to me.

I think we forget sometimes that his parents one day we will have to stand before the Lord and how we raise our children will be a part of that judgement. It’s so important that we parents are children according to God’s word. Certainly it isn’t easy but it is possible because all things are possible with God. He is for us and therefore there is nothing that we cannot overcome.   No matter how discouraged we feel we need to remember that everything we do matters to God and nothing is ever wasted.

Let us put on the love and respect that our children need no matter how disrespectful a boy baby. And no matter how fruitless it may seem to us that I simply remember that God Rewards service that we do. We need to love them anyways. We plant the seeds and we focus on the eternal and not the immediate.

Let us seek his help so that we may unconditionally love our children.


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