Easing In …


I am not one who likes things set a recurring. I understand but we really do need to have routines and that some things like eating and sleeping and bathing just must be done over and over again. But when it comes to things like housework the seemingly endless cycle just wears me down. Yet I also know that this is important for us to provide comfort and safety for our family in our home.

I read the other day but the most important thing for us to learn about housework is that ” it goes by overlapping rhythms, schedules and routines and each separate area of housework proceeds according to its own habitual order. These can be annual, seasonal, monthly, weekly, even daily.”

That seems rather overwhelming to me! Needless to say I was grateful to read later on that we are not beginners for long and housekeeping once we truly begin.  Certainly as I have been reading and learning more and more about the art and science of keeping a house, I have also appreciated them any constant reminders but while it seems like a lot to digest it really is quite manageable and a short time period but only when we take it one step at a time.


So what is the first step?

I need to set up a schedule and I need to assess what my standards are. I think also setting some goals would help to keep me motivated and to hold myself accountable as I go along. I have been told that it is important to recognize the importance of setting plausible and explicit rules when it comes to housekeeping so we know for certain when these things are indeed done. I guess it’s true but there should be a sense of satisfaction and completion in housekeeping.  I guess that is my biggest goal.


I have to admit I’m not really sure what ordinary and daily level of functioning I want in my home. I just know that it’s some point in my day I want to be able to say that it is done. Since we simply cannot have everything, we need to establish realistic priorities.  Fast and learning the basics because the greatest source of savings in housekeeping time is knowing what we’re doing.


I admit I was baffled as I read about the importance of learning why we do things one way instead of another. I suppose it makes sense when we think about how to be more flexible and improve things in our home.  There are many things but I have never stopped to ask why of.

I’m also not much of a list maker but from all I have been reading the best housekeepers are those who keep lists. Weekly list of things they need to buy and tasks that need to be done. I admit I very rarely make lists and when I do I very rarely am able to find them when I need them. That said one of my goals is to establish a place where the list can regularly beat up your little hands cannot reach it but where it is easily accessible and can be seen at all times. Hopefully this way I won’t have to search for it or worry that a child shredded it or forget that the list exists all together.

So we all know that the best way to begin doing anything is by getting a plan in place and then sticking to it. It is the same with keeping house. Once we set up the routines and the schedules there was little thinking required because we have already considered the work and divided it into portions that are easily manageable. I recently downloaded an app for this very thing from Cozi and well I am still getting the hang of it I think this will be a huge help for me and getting into the habit of making lists and sticking to them!

So right now my goal is to create a daily and weekly routine for my home. It is said that the daily routine restores the home to a level of basic order. These are things that should only be done twice a day. Once in the morning and once before bed. This will also include things like making the bed and putting away clothes. In the evening there is clean up after meal time and of course tidying up of any toys or dirty clothes that are out and about before bedtime. I also need to include in my daily routine sweeping up the kitchen floor. Because I have two boys I will likely also add wiping down the bathroom to my daily list.

This really inspires me to get back to some basic things I know need to be done and our home. We need to do some purging. We also need to better organize our home. And while I know that this cannot all be done overnight I also know but planning will make these goals more likely to be successfully completed. After all I firmly believe that there is a place for everything and everything ought to be in its place.

When I think of a weekly list I admit to being a bit overwhelmed. We have a very active household with our four children and two dogs and homeschooling. Certainly there needs to be some extra cleaning in our home but I admit to being unsure of how to make it all fit in. Thankfully I read about the value of a signing one major chore to each day of the week. Monday is currently my day for laundry and Tuesday is typically my shopping day. Perhaps a mini cleaning day would be an excellent addition to my weekly routine on Wednesdays. Typically Thursdays are for odd jobs around the house.  Fridays are often a Time of catching up on whatever homeschool has not been completed well also doing some baking. Ideally I would like to begin making freezer meals and you doing more detailed meal planning.

What matters is the plan and sequence. We need to have one in place and then stick to it. I feel more and more inspired as I read the many women who offer guidance in this area.  If you are daunted by the task of keeping house as I am I am sure you will feel some encouragement if you follow a very simple process.


Begin to work from one room to another and then working with order within each room you are in.  The idea I am told is to avoid disturbing clean areas while working through to new areas. Although I have never thought of it before it’s such a simple wisdom to clean from top to bottom. To clean from the inside out.  Makes me think of something I read my devotional this morning the talked about how important it is for us to do with our heart in times of trouble before we seek to deal with the “offender”.

And for those who are still a bit overwhelmed by it all it’s important to remember that the things that truly make our space homey are those orderly rooms and good meals and clean fresh places within the home. Things like fresh flowers and a bowl of fruit..
These are simple things to add to your home.  Perhaps it’s cliche but it is still true nonetheless that a home that looks lived in looks more homey. Truly we all appreciate the simplicity and truth that comes from someone’s home being full of the breath of life.  Honesty and truth in purchasing home.



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