Phil Wickham Children of God Album ~~ Review



All I hear lately is my little girl waltzing through the house, dancing and singing:



“You are my life you are my love
You are my reason
You are my hope you are my joy
You are my passion
My all in all Jesus my all in all’

We recently were super blessed with a copy of Phil Wickham’s latest CD, Children of God.




According to the story, a few months into writing this album, Phil was diagnosed with a vocal polyp, and had to have surgery to remove it. He was told he could not speak or sing for a month. He remained faithful in all of this and overcame with a reawakening in his heart. Just two weeks into the healing process he was told by doctors they didn’t see scarring and after some vocal therapy he was singing once again!  So now we can enjoy for ourselves his new sound and energy in praising God.  Phil Wickham is currently on tour, with a number of stops with “Chris Tomlin’s Night of Worship in America,” and a few others with a number of other artists.





My whole family truly loves this album! I personally, especially love, The Secret Place. For whatever reason lately my days have felt so long and I have felt so tired; weary and “not enough” for my family. So these lyrics truly ministered to me, because it was a reminder that in times like these I need to go to that secret place…


“Better is a moment that I spend with You, than a million other days away; I’m running….I’m running to the secret place”
This is just one of the many amazing, powerful songs that speak of God’s love and mercy and goodness.  Truly this whole album in some way reaches into our hearts and helps us to see truths we may not recognize; in turn these words encourage us to seek Him more and praise Him always.


Starmaker ~ He is the maker of all things! And here we can sing His praises:




“Standing high above Wrapped in light and crowned in love …. here with you we are amazed… I can’t look away… I am captivated….. sing in adoration,  You are holy….”




This really is an amazing album! These songs will reach out and warm so many with the variety of styles and the messages of love and grace and holiness!


Track Listing:

  1. Doxology//Amen
  2. Better Than Life
  3. Your Love Awakens Me
  4. The Secret Place (feat. Madison Cunningham)
  5. Wide Awake
  6. My All In All
  7. Starmaker (High Above the Earth)
  8. Children of God
  9. Stand In Awe
  10. Body Mind & Soul
  11. As It Is In Heaven
  12. Spirit of God

Enjoy one of the many amazing songs on this album – Your Love Awakens Me ❤





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