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I love to read  but my oldest son dreads reading. He is a very reluctant reader. Just about any book I put in front of him he reads for a couple pages and then wants nothing more to do with it. Still, I believe there is always the chance that one book will spark a desire to read within him and so I am always seeking books that we can read in the hopes we find one. Right now he is reading  The Glass Castle by Trisha White Priebe and Jerry B. Jenkins, a Christian fiction book  from Shiloh Run Press




This is the first book in the series with the second, The Ruby Moon, scheduled for release in October 2016. We received a hardback copy (this is available for Kindle as well). The Glass Castle is recommended for children ages 10-15; my son is 10 and since this story has a feel very similar to The Chronicles of Narnia, I was encouraged that this may pique his interest and encourage him to read a bit.






Having read The Left Behind series written by Jerry Jenkins, I was curious myself when I saw he was one of the authors of this book. About 40 chapters in length, the chapters are pretty short and so for my reluctant reader I think it was less overwhelming seeing fewer pages in each chapter.  He likes to see how many pages he has to read as he goes along and I think this can be one thing that deters him from reading some books. Because of my son’s additional struggles with focus (which can impact his comprehension) I will often have him do a bit of narration with me after he completes his reading each day. I have found also, its a story he is really getting into, he is more enthusiastic about reading knowing he gets to come back and share the story with me.



According to my son, this story is “pretty cool except for the love stuff”.  When I asked him to summarize the story for me this is how he described it to me:


“There are these kids who work at the King’s castle and these kids have to do all this work. The King makes them do the cooking and cleaning. A bunch of other stuff too. Kids shouldn’t have to do all of that. But none of the kids have moms or dads; they were all stolen too! Avery is a girl; she has a brother who is missing too and she wants to find him. And she finds all these secret passages, and keys. She has a bunch of adventures sneaking around and she is always watering around where she probably shouldn’t’ be. According to some people the prince, who is lost and no one knows who he is, might be one of these kids.   Avery thinks its Kendrik  and he ends up being the adviser to the “king of the kids”, whose name is Tuck.  Avery is like the queen of the kids and Tuck is like the kids King. But since the king doesn’t know who his kid is and thinks he is dead anyway who knows who will be king when he dies. He is pretty old. I wish I was a king”  (his brother and sister roll their eyes when he says that stuff! haha)



Of course then the book ends; a great cliffhanger leaving you counting the days until the next book in this series is available. My oldest son says he really wants it so he can see if Tuck is the long lost prince like he thinks he is; he is sure it cannot be Kendrick since “that’s what they all think in the book”. It’s a story of searching and longing – to belong, to know who you are and to know your roots – there were some references to the Bible but it wasn’t really deep and it was pretty well woven in to the story (I think it helped to further the themes of family and  the values of searching for our place).  Personally, can I just say I love the cover? It is a beautiful image (not a dust jacket) which is the cover; very visually appealing in my opinion. I can honestly say if I had;t received this for review, seeing this cover would have caught my attention and made me look at this one closer.  And I really was pleased that my son seemed to enjoy the story for the most part; he is curious too about what is to come so we may need to get the next book in this series when it becomes available.




The Glass Castle {Shiloh Run Press Review}

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