What’s Hidden

I write this as I reflect on a year of Bible quizzing. I love the Bible and I love quizzing. It is such a blessing to our family in so many ways. It makes learning the Bible fun for kids. It encourages us to get into the word everyday. And it puts us in a special place, every year it’s different, where we stay and meditate on the same verses again and again. The time spent with these words it’s powerful. 

I admit though we finished up rather poorly this year. We entered into State finals with one sick little boy and another with a bad attitude and some real struggles with obedience.  The last few weeks leading up to this tournament I think we were all ready to throw in the towel and be done. But we battled through it and made it to the end of the year.

Initially that seems like a good thing right? We didn’t give up. We stayed strong and completed our commitment to the team that we were apart of. We continue to learn and study to the very end no matter what. It all sounds good doesn’t it?

Let me say it again but more slowly. We fought.  We struggled. Just those words break my heart. The joy of the Lord is our strength. Where to hide His word in our heart. We are to do this without complaint but with joy.  We can obey all of his commands and we can learn every word written with in the Bible and if we do not have the right Spirit does it matter?

There is no doubt but my children need to learn the word of God. There is no other option for our family. This is something that has Eternal value and matters so much more than anything else. I humbly admit that we have been doing it for a while now without the joy. 

My two little ones who are four and six have learned almost 200 versus this year. And they did it all with great joy. They were eager to learn and excited to study because verses every day. They had a great year and they did so many amazing things butt show how God blesses us when we seek Him.  But my older son really struggled. He didn’t  want to do the work that comes with learning and memorizing. Everyday was a real struggle to get him through his verses. There was no joy in any of it for him.

All 3 of my kids learned all their verses this year.  My four-year-old daughter and my six-year-old son. They had the joy of the Lord within them as they learned this year. But my oldest son lost that Joy. And it occurred to me but we cannot fight someone when it comes to the word of God. I am ashamed to admit that we thought with him when it comes to learning scripture. There are many things that we need to make our children do when they are young. But learning the word of God? We need that joy ! 

There is so much power in having I love for the word of God. When we desire the word of God we are so very blessed. And while I cannot wait for the next year of Bible quizzing to begin when we study the book of Acts at the same time I plan to focus more on the joy with my oldest son. Because well there is no other option but to learn the word of God at the same time we need the right Spirit if we want to truly learn the word of God.  

For now we are going to focus on joy and peace and love. This summer we are going to focus on those fruits of the spirit. It is going to be a time to establish stronger relationships with one another and with Jesus. There is nothing more important for kids to know then that which is written in the Bible and for them to know that those words are for them. There are many things that will make my children do in the coming days and months and years…. yard work and chores about the house, making beds.  They also will learn the word of God butt I have to look at it in a different way because if I make them study perhaps I am neglecting the condition of their heart. 

We need to examine our hearts and our children’s to. We need to learn and share with them What God Says all the time. But one time spent with our children is such a struggle because of attitudes and hearts? It is then that we must take a step back and we must seek God all the more. Because what does it matter if they know the word but don’t love the author of the word?


Let us be careful that we do not lose our love. Easy to forget but we cannot forget. It matters more that we show his love in all that we do. After all are we not known for our love for one another? It’s all for Jesus because he is our first and Greatest Love of All.  In all that we do let us surrender all that we have and all that we are to Him.


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