Fun with LearnBop ~ Schoolhouse Review

It’s summer time over here.  We have struggled and fought through some things this year; math being one of them. I want to let my oldest son take a break but I don’t want him to lose what he has gained this year in his studies. I firmly believe that some things need to be done daily. Math is one of those things. Especially the its so hard for one to grasp. So I was happy to take the time to review LearnBop. I received a LearnBop for Families subscription, for 12 months, for my son and we planned to lightly practice with this for the summer!







LearnBop for Families (Family Plan) is recommended for 2-4 students.  Initially I chose to use this with our two boys who are 10 and 6.  My younger son being in 1st grade math and my oldest son moving more slowly in 3rd grade math. Because math is such a struggle for my oldest we are using this heavily, as the math program, for the summer. My younger son on the other hand, loves math. Since he really enjoys it and is rather advanced for his age I tend to encourage him to do more math as he feels led. Don’t want to kill that love in him.








I love how easy it is for me to see what my kids are working on; the dashboard easily maneuvers from my son’s dashboard to my own. There aren’t a bunch of different logins and passwords to remember. It’s quick and so easy! And for our struggling kids, every unit is so non-threatening. They keep everything on the dashboard; all laid out nice and neat so you can see what you are doing now and later.








Usually my oldest son dreads his time working on math; he gets so overwhelmed and can even have anxiety issues feeling pressured to get through certain topics. He recently completed the unit on multiplication and division (we have been struggling with this for so long – thank you to LearnBop he gets it!)!  We use this with my oldest at least three days a week. Some weeks he goes longer. I tend to be more lenient since I really would like to see him gain an appreciation for math if we cannot at least be friends with it. 🙂







Each unit begins with a warm up to see what you knowledge and understand of the topic at hand.  I love how once the warm up is completed, if there are any areas of difficulty it is noted in the program. They even have a very sweet and encouraging message for our kids:






“We’ve uncovered a few Building Blocks you should master first before the rest of the concepts in this unit. Building Blocks will help you learn the more advanced concepts faster!”  






Isn’t that a nice and gentle way of encouraging our kids when they may be struggling? I know my son really appreciated the building blocks in this program. He was able to see and gain confidence through these blocks, until he mastered the concepts in the unit.  If you do well with the warm up, of course, the program moves you forward in the lesson. Every lesson consists of about four teaching videos.  Each one teaches the concept at hand; within each video our kids can learn a different way to solve the problem at hand. I like how this encourages diverse thinking and for my oldest, if one doesn’t make sense, certainly another will.







Then there are the bops – questions – for them to complete. As the student completes each question, their progress is shown on the graph; when they are unable to answer a question correctly the program guides them one step at a time through the process. Not only does the program help them to answer the question correctly but it ensures that they have a clear understanding of it all. I like that this way my son has the ability to explain why he answered as he did, as well as how he came to determine the answer.  I do believe it is important for him to be able to explain, every step of the way, the actions he takes. This program does a wonderful job of ensuring our kids are able to do just that.







I really am very grateful for this program. It has already helped to fill in some gaps n my son’s learning while also strengthening his skills. I truly appreciate how he is more willing to complete his math each day; I do believe the variety of teaching methods used within the videos encourages him and helps him to better understanding all of the concepts at hand. I love the inspiration and reinforcement that is within this program; every step of the way it is fun while not being too childish either. In my son’s words “Math isn’t that bad…I still don’t like it….but its less painful now….”  I think that’s a good thing right? Certainly this can help our kids to get a better understanding of how and why math matters. 🙂






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