Be the Belle of Patience

My little girl loves to read. Even though she doesn’t quite know how to read she loves books. Especially ones with princesses. I love her love of books but I want to be sure that what she is enjoying is also good for her soul too.  Certainly we want reading to be fun but there is also always so much more our little ones can get out of a truly good book.

So of course I was thrilled to have the chance to review one of the Bible Belle books.  We received a copy of The Adventures of Rooney Cruz which tells the story of a real life hero from the Bible. There are a number of these which highlights Hannah and Esther, Abigail Andrew and Deborah. This one focused on Esther.


I love how the very premise of these books is to encourage our girls to connect with the Bible in a way that makes sense to them. Isn’t that what’s really matters? Not that our children know the Bible stories but that they understand them and what the stories mean for their life.  Because they need the experience and the personal connection.



In Esther the Belle of Patience our children are taught the value of patience. Think I hate you even in times of trial we see within this story the value of patience and how things work together so well when we trust in God’s time.



Enjoy a “preview” of this sweet book:

Be the Belle of Patience






















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