Enjoying Silence

With my oldest son away at church camp it has been a very quiet week. In some ways it feels so very wrong. And others I am reminded as my son jokingly said before he left for camp, ” now you can enjoy some peace and quiet”.  Even my little ones who tend to fight with him quite a bit, are eager to see him come home.  Sometimes we get those things we want (like quiet) in order to recognize blessings.


My oldest is the definition of the word noise. He is always up to something and it’s never anything quiet. I am reminded of how not long ago as he was just being too loud (I thought) the verse came to mind which reads, ” Make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord”. 

I so often forget that when he is being loud he is happy. And he is showing this. The joy of the Lord is our strength right? In the dates that my oldest son has been away I have noticed ( God sure likes to work like this) in my daily Bible readings so many references the shouting and clapping and making noise in a joyous way for the Lord.


While I admit to appreciating the peace that has come over our house this week with him gone I also see so clearly what a blessing he truly is. Even though I do so enjoy being able to hear the birds outside in the morning and listen to their song There is something extra special about waking up to my oldest son. From the moment his eyes open clapping and sometimes crowing like a rooster. Haha

He is so full of joy. And it’s contagious if I allow it to be. There’s so much I have learned this week while he has been gone and God has been speaking to me. About the value and importance of having the heart of a servant. About weeding out that’s selfishness that is within us. That’s selfish desire for everyone to sit down and put their hands in their lap and play quietly. All the while forgetting and not truly appreciate it the beauty and innocence of these little ones that God has blessed me with. 

It’s so easy to forget when we have been raised in the world but it’s not all about us. It never is. That trial that we’re going through and those struggles that keep knocking us down are often about so much more than we realize. These children we are blessed with you are so loud and noisy and dirty there is so much that we can gain from having them. 

Where is our heart? I was reminded of this not long ago when I was praying and asking the Lord why there are so many struggles between my oldest son and I. We have rules and we do not compromise when it comes to those rules. We teach him what the Bible says.  And God spoke to me then and asked me about the condition of my heart.  I am reminded that we are told that the Lord chastens Those whom he loves and so if the Lord brings to light these things I seek only to be thankful for his leading. 

As our children grow Fiat to grow not just in stature but wisdom too. As my oldest has grown and both he has developed into a very strong-willed individual. There are so many things about him that I know will be great blessings and things that the Lord will use in an amazing way one day. Yep for now as his mama I need to remember and respect but he is growing up into a young man and that he is not a little boy. There is a need to be mindful of this and all that I do and in all of my communications with him. And of course to show him my love and the joy that he brings me more intentionally every day. 

Certainly there is a time to be still and sit in silence but there is also a time that we are called perhaps I can even say commanded to make noise.


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