Power in Brokenness

There is power in freedom. There is healing to be found in this freedom.




Unashamed: Healing Our Brokenness and Finding Freedom from Shame by Heather Davis Nelson deals with shame; understand and heal form brokenness. Break the chains and find freedom in your life from the shame that has kept you captive for so long.



The joy of the Lord is our strength but we can only truly experience that joy when we are truly free.



Shame can be defined as “fear of weakness, failure, or unworthiness being unveiled for all to see, or fear that at least one other person will notice that which we want to hide.” Shame happens when we feel we’ve missed the mark; she also explains that shame is a “lingering sense that I have failed beyond rescue.”



She beautifully illustrates how truly we are covered by Christ; even in the Old Testament as Tamar spoke the words “Who will cover my shame?” when attacked by her brother. How often within the scriptures are we reminded of our freedom, the newness of our life, in Christ when we are truly born again.



D.A Carson says that we do not lie awake at night recounting the ways we think we have brought shame to God through our actions; what keeps us anxious and sleepless are the ways we feel shame before others. He goes on to say that perhaps we obsess over these smaller shame moments because we cannot face our real shame problem: that we live ashamed to walk and talk openly with our Creator. We are Adam and Eve.







This is a beautifully written book meant to remind us of the healing that comes in Christ; there is newness of life. We are a new creation meant to shine His light. We desperately need to embrace all that He has for us because without the freedom and the liberty where is the joy? The joy of the Lord is our strength – embrace it and learn how to move beyond the shame, to free yourself from these chains which bind you – keeping you from all that the Lord has for you!  We ought not, we cannot, afford to live a life of shame when we are made for so much more!




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