Would a Worm Go on a Walk?

My younger son is 6 and he loves worms. He really does. For a time he would go outside early in the morning to shoo the birds away so they didn’t get his “worm friends”…So I was excited to have the chance to review the book Would a Worm Go on a Walk? I knew that this would be a book my kids would love. One we could enjoy together again and again.







This is full of silly questions for us to ponder:



  • Would a worm go on a walk?
  • Would a piglet play piano?
  • Would a lion be a lifeguard?



In all of this silliness, we are reminded, God made every one of us. With a purpose. A special purpose for the worm and the piglet and the lion too. This is a sweet reminder that although there are many differences amongst us as people (even animals) God created every one of us. Our abilities are a gift from God that we are to be ever thankful for.




God made us. That is powerful. It is such a testimony to His love and care for every single one of us. These silly questions help us tithing about how we were created; perhaps why or what we were created for. HIs purpose is important – even for our children – we ought to seek His purpose for our lives always. As we read, and have fun doing so we see that the turtles cannot drive and there is no way that penguins can fly. Rhinos enjoy the rain and and pigs will always squeal and roll about in the mud. And that is OKAY!





What a beautiful lesson (and the many ways we can use this as homeschoolers) to teach and remind our children the they are His masterpiece. For God knew them before they were born; He knows the number of hairs on their head and He believes that everything He made truly, was VERY GOOD. That’s you! šŸ˜€





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