Beric the Briton ~ Schoolhouse Review

 By now I am sure most of my faithful readers here know how much we love audio books in this house! By far our favorite audio dramas have been those produced by Heirloom Audio Productions. That said we were super excited and so happy and counting our blessings when we learned we would get to review their newest drama, Beric The Briton.  In addition to a physical copy of the CD’s we also received a number of wonderful electronic freebies:


  • Beric The Briton MP3 Set
  • Beric The Briton E-Book
  • Official MP3 Soundtrack
  • Printable Cast Poster
  • Inspirational Verse Poster
  • Behind the scenes video







I have loved G.A. Henry’s writing for as long as I can remember.  But my boys never really took to them. Being that one is a very reluctant reader and the other is struggling to get this reading thing, these audio dramas were just what we needed to inspire both boys!

This is recommended for children age six and up but my younger daughter who is four loves listening to these too! This is over 2 hours of story time; it arrived just in time for our drive to Michigan which is 3 hours long and it kept everyone mesmerized for the whole drive.

The quality of this production is simply amazing!  Full of actors (well known to many although new to me) like Brian Blessed, Cathy Sara, Tom Alexander and John Rhys-Davies. I love the music; it adds to the ambience of the story so perfectly. In fact, if you close your eyes, I do believe, you can really live the story as you listen.





This also includes an amazing study guide so that you can really go so much deeper with this! The study guide is full of details that bring this story even more to life, if that’s possible. There is a brief biography of G.A. Henty, Nero, and Queen Boadicea. There are also historical details, and lots of great recommended resources for further learning on the Brittons and Romans in the 1st century.  There are exercises to go along with each “chapter” within the story; these help with comprehension and aid in learning through Listening Well, Thinking Further, and Defining Words.



We really learned SO much from this one! I mean, I could go on forever about all the good things that are a part of this! The significance of the coliseum in Christianity; the importance of studying history and the value of doing so through the Bible.  For our boys (who love to fight and destroy) there was a powerful, yet simple lesson, on the command, Thou Shalt not Kill. And of course, a fabulous short study on the One True God and the truth that there is only one way.  Full of scriptural references my oldest son especially loved this part of the study guide (so many call him the little preacher) where he was able to dig into his Bible. See and read what the Word of God says on these things. This is a glorious addition to this fabulous program!




My oldest son absolutely loves these! Have a said that yet? These CD’s are still in our van and he still goes right to them when we are traveling. The story never gets old for him (any of us really!). These truly are a great way to encourage our kids to study history; the scripture woven throughout the story, it makes it even greater! Such a powerful story with such an eternal lesson. Our kids are learning so much as they listen, without even realizing it. I really do encourage you to consider adding these to your collection. And if you don’t have a collection, perhaps its time to start one 😀

Beric The Briton Heirloom Audio Productions  Review


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