Not Enough 

I am thinking today on how we are never really enough.

My family has hosted exchange students time and time again through the years. And I do believe with every boy and girl that we host we learn more about ourselves. We see are glaring inadequacies. There are times that having these young people in our home I have to wonder how anyone could possibly think that I am able? Other times I struggle to understand how any parent could send their child so far away and for so long.

I tend to be someone who looks at myself with a very studious eye underneath a very magnified microscope. I expect complete perfection. I think sometimes I even demand it of myself. Where is the Joy in that?

I forget how blessed we are and then we welcome in someone new to our home. Someone who often times lives very differently than we do. Yet I welcome them in hoping and praying but I can be a little bit of light in their lives. I seek to show them the truth that they may never have the opportunity to receive if not here. And I expect so much of myself but I fail myself. The funny thing is no matter how many times I perceive their time in our home is something that is less than ideal for them every time I am told how blessed they felt they were to be here.  

And of course sometimes there are those students cool remind me if he’ll pick you earlier and separate from the world our family is. And I have to remember to stand firmly upon all that the word of God says. I forget that we live differently. I forget that we look different. I forget but to some are very tiny house with so much in need of repair doesn’t seem to be as great of a blessing as I see it. I failed to remember that not everyone sees a sink full of dishes and non-stop laundry and Loud kids bouncing all about as things that are good.

Regardless every time I remember how inadequate I truly am to do anything on my own. I remember that beautiful truth but apart from Christ I can do nothing but with him all things are possible. All things. And so no matter how inadequate I may be I know that my God is more than enough .  

As this world seems to crumble and fall apart more each day it inspires and encourages me to live more for him today. It reminds me of how important it is to get our flesh under submission. And I am inspired to be that woman that is considered such a blessing to her family. To be meek and to be gentle. To always see the blessing with in any situation.

There is so much out there in the world to distract us and to keep us busy so that we do not have time to stop and to hear that still Small Voice that belongs to the Lord. Let us boldly seek those who desire truth the Lord’s touch.


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