I’m probably not the only mom who has purchased materials for my children with the plan but those materials would just make our kids be better behaved. In fact I just got some amazing materials in the mail the other day that I was so sure would be just what my kids need.   

Maybe you already see what I do. I should have known and been prepared but I never saw it coming.
I know how inadequate I am as a mama. There are days that I just sit before the Lord and I have no words because I know that I just messed up again. And while I know the his mercies are new every morning I also know that if I cannot be the change living for him doesn’t have the power that it should.  I cannot be a witness to others or to my own home if I cannot do this right.  

Psalm 119 59 speaks to this saying ” I have thought about my ways and turned my feet to your testimonies. ”

Self-examination. It’s so important. Yet it’s also so hard for me because I expect far more of myself but I should. I know that I need to release myself from the expectation I have that I will do everything perfectly all the time. I need to forgive myself when I Stumble and fall. And I need to remember but God forgives me.   

So as I read through these new materials and gain a better understanding of the ingredients of Godly parenting and discipline I see so much within myself.  I understand that as I strive to train up my children in the way that they should go I also need to train up myself. 

I cannot continue to beat up myself for my kids when I see areas of weakness. But I do need to sit down so that we can identify these areas together and then pray for repentance and deliverance and forgiveness.   Then we need to make new ways. Ways that will encourage diligence and faithfulness.

It’s one thing to want but it’s another thing to go after it. As I read and seek the Lord’s Direction in all of this for myself and my family I am reminded but I only need to be obedient and faithful.  

 Let us simply Begin by speaking words of love and blessing to one another. But I show love and compassion comfort and support. Let us remember especially with our children they’re young foolish hearts. Most importantly let us love one another in deed and simply love our neighbor as ourself. 


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