Not Meal Planning 

I make fasting look easy. Or so I’m told anyway. The thing is I have never really been much of a food  person. Well other people drool over chocolate now and then I might have a craving for an M&M or a peanut butter cup. I like my granola and yogurt. I’m a big fan of fruits and vegetables. But I don’t like to eat and as you can imagine I don’t like to cook.

As a mother of four and a wife that just doesn’t work. I have tried meal planning in the past. So far all that it has done is give me a headache and bring me very close to the use of some rather colorful language.  Too many cookbooks and too many recipes. Too much substituting fake food for real food and trying to keep everyone in the house pleased with what’s for dinner.   Striving to find healthy and tasty food!

The other day I said no more. I determined I would not go all in with meal planning. I determined instead that I would un plan meals.

Does that sound crazy? My little girl tells me that it does and I guess that makes sense because honestly I feel like I’ve been going a little crazy as of late.

So how is this mama here going to un plan her meals?  Let me tell you. I will even give you recipes and tools to use in case you want to un plan too!

I am sure you can imagine how I am so overwhelmed with meal planning just by the picture above. I mean look at all of those cookbooks and magazines. Full of recipes that look delicious and they take forever. Every page has something that looks like such a yummy treat but if I can keep it real here I don’t have time or the energy to make all of these fabulous looking things!

I have 4 children who all have very unique tastes and while I do not cater to their individual wants I still strive to make meals that we can all enjoy it together. As we come closer to restarting a full load of homeschooling I also need things that can be made painlessly. And sometimes in a pinch.

Truth be told all of these fancy meals I do so enjoy from all over the world but its just not realistic for our family in this season. Sure now and then we will enjoy a fancy dish from France or perhaps something spicy from Spain but for our daily meals I have to be realistic and focus on what can be made. I am not one for hours of standing over the stove it’s just not going to happen. No matter how badly I want to. If I am honest I will only bring myself misery and are we not called to do everything without grumbling or complaining?  Why test myself like that?

My version of un planning is simply one thing. Setting myself up to succeed. Being realistic so that I can do everything everyday. Full of joy and happiness and a song in my mouth.  What good are all those fancy meals anyway if we’re all Miserable as we make them and eat them?

I have found a simpler way. So for now those many cookbooks are boxed up and hidden away. Instead I have a binder .  Nothing fancy just a simple red binder with a couple heart stickers my daughter placed on its cover.  And inside are all recipes that I have found to be favorites of those I love the most.  It isn’t really a meal plan but it’s a start.. add a bit of freedom and a lot less stress at mealtime .


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