Why Do It

It occurred to me the other day that there are many things which I do, things I truly enjoy doing, but perhaps need better motives.  It may be some of these things I do for others are really being done for myself and others simply benefit from them. And is that really such a bad thing?

We have hosted exchange students through the years and our family and we are often putting together fun field trips out and about all over our state. I do these mostly for my family but then there are always others who homeschool and join us. Doing these things is wonderful! There are many who show such gratitude for the time and planning that I put into all of this. But I don’t do it for that.

I love to be able to go out and watch my children learn by experiencing life. We go to the green house so we can learn about the flowers and the herbs and the fruit trees and all the other things that are there. We visited beekeeper to learn about bees and do their value to this world and to learn how honey is made. We have visited the electric streetcar and learned all about that and then we have gone to meet the Coast Guard.   These are things that I just love to share with my children and in turn it’s nice to be able to share them with other families too. 

So often my days consist of being at home with my for little ones. There is always much to do about our house whether it’s indoors or out. There is the planning of meals and the organizing of all of our stuff. Laundry and dishes and just general maintenance that easily piles up with our bigger family. So it’s nice to see my kids have an afternoon of learning while also meeting new friends.  And I confess I have very few myself so being a part of The Homeschool community it’s important to really establish some good relationships with others. Because I often think of homeschooling in the same way I think of our walk with Christ. We simply cannot do it on our own.  

My husband and I were talking the other night and he corrected me when I sad but it would be great to see you someone get saved that we know. It’s definitely not a bad thing do unto others to know our Jesus but if that is our only motivation for reaching out to people…. relationships are so important. I forget sometimes the if we have our own selfish reasons behind the things we do no matter how wonderful what we are doing is it simply doesn’t matter.  If I am only befriending others to get them to Jesus there really isn’t a relationship there. If I am creating fun events for other homeschoolers and bringing us all together but we never really get to know one another does any of it matter?

I am a very introverted person. I like small groups and I like things to be very familiar. I tend to think in black and white and I admit those gray areas really cause me to struggle. I also tend to be slightly obsessive so as far as I’m concerned there is just a way that things are to be.  It’s a challenge to manage myself when I am confronted and overwhelmed and it’s not hard for me to feel those things when I am out with a group. But perhaps those are the times that it is so much more important for me to have those relationships. To be able to hear others and then perhaps have the opportunity to minister to them regardless of my comfort or lack of.

Are we willing to love those who are unlovable? Aren’t we all at some point in time I’m lovable ourselves? It’s a powerful thing truth is. And the truth is that Jesus he died for everyone of us. He died for those who call him Lord and savior and Obey him and he died for those who deny him and you do not acknowledge Him at all.  Should we not do the same if we are his children?

I was talking to a cousin of mine the other day who is so desperately in need of the Lord. She has so many voices speaking to her about who Jesus is and what it is that we need to do to be saved and whether or not we need to do anything at all to stay saved.


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