Around and About

I haven’t been blogging much this summer. I really need to and I really want to be more consistent and faithful to this blog and to you my readers. But the days they go by so quickly. And well I used to think of summer as being a time to just relax and rest I honestly think we are busier during the summer than the rest of the year. We got that list I thought I would share with you some of the great things we’ve been doing that have kept me away from this blog for so much of the summer.  

I love history! And I love when it comes alive so I’m really excited to find this old Bohemian Schoolhouse not far from my home. My 3 kids get to spend the day experiencing old fashioned school. They got to mind their manners and they got to sit in the chair and wears it done. They got to the line and so much more.

My oldest loves Robotics and has been playing around with graphic design and computer coding for some time now. We have done some robotics classes at our local library and this was one of them. I think these are called Ozbots.  They’re really neat with these markers that somehow are color-coded to direct his little robots around in about it. Super cool!

It’s been pretty hot and humid around here lately so days at the park have been few.  But we have managed to get out there early in the morning a couple times before it gets repaired. And what fun we have had tooo!

We found an old drive-in movie theater about an hour away from my house. What a fun way to spend the evening. I admit I really don’t like spending time watching anything honestly. But there’s something about being at the drive-in that makes it a nicer thing to do.  

Again it’s been pretty hot so it’s been hard to get out but my boys enjoy their time on the golf course. It’s nice too since this one is right by the lake. Lots of fresh air and a cool breeze. Nothing better than being outside and exploring.  

So that’s what you been up to this summer. How about you?  It’s always fun when learning and living come together. And so often I think I see my kids learn more and enjoy learning more when they’re out there and they’re doing it. There is a time for books and paper and pen but I have to remind myself but there is also a Time to put those away and just learn by doing.    


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