Whatever To Do

James 1:5 says ” if any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God that it give it to all men liberally and upbraideth not and it shall be given him.”

Sometimes I wonder. While making dinner for example, I took out my seasoning and turn the shaker upside down without a thought. Then I watch as far more than I had wanted pours into the sauce I was making for dinner.  What was I thinking? 

We all get distracted sometimes and have too much going on. For me we all came down with some nasty cold a few days ago. I spent some time curled up in bed under the covers sick and with a migraine. Since then two of my four have come down with a terrible cold and cough. You would think this would mean we would slow down a bit…..

But what about all these fun things that we’ve planned? There’s art classes and writing programs and foreign languages to practice and we have an amazing engineering program my son is taking online. With all this good stuff to choose from and only so many hours in the day sometimes I think of it as tragic to slow down. I mean what if we don’t finish that class or that program or unit study?

This is where we have to be careful am I right? I know my oldest son he kind of flits about from one thing to the next so I really try to be intentional with him and show him the importance of completing something that he has started. At the same time when we are sick or just having an off day I like to remind him that it’s okay to take a break. Sometimes we need to step back and take a breath and other times we really need to go to God and seek His wisdom.  There is so much I have learned just sitting with the Lord   More than any book could ever teach me.

I think about the many things that we have to do this week. Our trip to the old scholhouse where the kids get to spend a morning in school  as if it was 1888.  And how much more meaningful is a lesson about fire than when you meet real firefighters face to face? Some lessons are better learned without the books and the classes. Some lessons we can just learn as we live our life.

  There is some wisdom that can only be gained from people and connections. We cannot forget the value that our Lord places on relationships. Much wisdom is gained by having the right relationships. 

We have to be careful what we put our faith in and what wisdom really matters. Grades and tests are not everything. Those books and worksheets will only do so much for our children. What we need is for them to embrace a love of learning. They need to see the value of life and they need to feel the beauty that surrounds them. It’s about encouraging them to always be curious. If we can only help them to see all those out there the learning will always happen because I know every time I stop and slow down I see something new and amazing.    


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