We Must be Thankful

I have to admit there are days that I just don’t like what I see in me. There are times that I know without a doubt I am far from what the Lord would have me to be. Yesterday was one of those days. Funny right? Sunday being known as the Lord’s Day and all. David said I was glad to go to the house of the Lord. I admit I wasn’t so glad myself.

I’ve been trying to focus on purging your house and planning our year. We homeschool year round but this summer I felt the need to do a bit less School and a bit more living. We had so much fun and learned about Lots of neat things in our own backyard that we never knew were there. But as the days went by I knew we needed to have a plan in place for the rest of the year.

Okay so maybe I took on too much too quickly and completely overwhelmed myself. I cleaned out cabinets end emptied drawers. All of those books and crayons and pencils and notebooks. It was quite a mess. Maybe I should have taken a picture so I could show you. Haha

Regardless I determined that I was going to get some order to our home. You see we have a pretty small homes. And I love our house. I am so thankful for our little home. But it’s a challenge to keep it tidy and keep order to it with four children. And the exchange students we take it now and again.

But I digress….. so by Sunday morning I had met I was frustrated but I have not found total order just yet. There were still counters that were covered and there was still piles on the floor here and there.  I think I got caught in la-la land when I begin this whole thing and I have this great vision of having a perfectly organized area overnight. Can we say reality check?

And we struggled Sunday morning. Somehow we all got up far too late. And everyone needed a shower and no one could find their church clothes. The kids were fighting.  We were not together in one Accord. Not even close.  In fact Honestly by the time we made it out the door and we’re on our way to church not only where we going to be late but no one was happy to go to the house of the Lord. And I was just tired of Sunday is always being such a struggle for me.

There are quite a few of us that need to get ready so it’s not just me. My oldest son is 10 and my others are 6, 4 and 1. My oldest really does do a great job of getting himself ready each morning but the three younger ones need more help of course. And well some days my oldest is a great help to them other days he’s not. ( I justly cannot comment about my husband here and his role in mornings Lol)  

I know it can’t just be my family but I get tired of are Sunday morning rat race to get to church on time. Every week. What good is it to come before the Lord to worship and praise and fellowship when were in a sour mood and completely frazzled? Now and then we managed to get there on time and how we are blessed when we can come in and sit and spend time with him before the service begins.  

Most of us want to be on time. We know it’s the right thing to do. We show respect to others when we show up on time. So why shouldn’t give you the same when we’re going to the Lord’s House?

My goal, if that’s the right word to use, is to begin really keeping the Sabbath in our home. My husband and I both heard our Pastor speak on the value that  comes from this day of rest that the Lord has commanded us to partake in. But I admit to being overwhelmed with exactly how to make that happen.

This is what I was thinking about while I was worshipping and while I was supposed to be praying. I was thinking about how to finish organizing this area of our home and how to begin keeping the Sabbath. What I didn’t understand was that I needed to place all of this in the Lord’s hands. It is not alone who gives us that rest and there is nothing that we can do to obtain it outside of Him. And I know this. I know that all things we need to give to him. We cast them at his feet and then he directs us.

Instead of enjoying the presence of the Lord and rejoicing in the day which the Lord had given to myself and my family I was complaining. About the many things that still needed to be done. About the things that may never get done. I was forgetting about a sweet Mama but I know whose baby is in the hospital right now struggling to live. I was forgetting about another family I know whose son struggles with a lot of emotional and behavioral issues. I was forgetting about those who are lost and those who have needs. It’s not always about me. Maybe it’s never about me. And I think that could be a  I spent most of Sunday just feeling lost and being in a bad mood. I wasn’t thankful for our service. I wasn’t so thankful for the presence of God that washed over me. I wasn’t thankful for the Lord’s voice telling me to just give it all to Him. 

I spend most of my Sunday irritated and irritable period short with others and just feeling restless.  I was tired and I was weary and I wasn’t listening. He tells me again and again that if I simply come to Him, He will give me rest. And yet… God is faithful and true and always so good! I remember and hold on to the Lord’s promises this morning. He makes all things new and his mercies are new every morning.

I am so thankful for those mercies!

Aren’t you? ♡♡♡♡♡


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