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I am a big advocate for learning foreign languages in our home. There are so many reasons for our kids to explore the different languages out there; its a great way to exercise and grow your brain! It also improves memory and focus; languages enhance performance in other areas of study too. Add to that a growing love for different cultures and an openness to new things…Why wouldn’t we learn a language? Or three maybe? That said I was eager to experience a new Spanish program with my kids: Starter Set 1 by Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids. Foreign languages taught by kids, to kids – What a fun way for our kids to learn, right?




The Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Starter Set 1 is designed to cover basic Spanish levels 1-3:


  • Basketballs Aren’t for Breakfast – Level 1
  • The Little Magic House Part I – Level 2
  • The Little Magic House Part II – Level 3


Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids is recommended for children as from 3 years old to those in their early teen years.




Starter Set 1 includes the following materials:

  • Spanish DVD – Volume 1 – videos are for all 3 levels
  • Spanish Stickers – 9 pages
  • Spanish Flashcard Set – flashcards for all 3 levels
  • 3 Spanish Student workbooks – one workbook for each level
  • 3 Spanish Teacher’s guides – one guide for each level
  • Go Squish card game




This program is SO much fun! It is full immersion so while initially the videos may not make a lot of sense, as our kids go through the program they will begin to understand more and more! It really is a great way for language learning.  The videos are about 10 minutes in length (great for my kids with their short attention spans) and they really are entertaining! My kids got such a kick out of them, more after they began to grasp what was being said.  These are very engaging amdreally just Basketballs for Breakfast, the title alone, had my oldest so very intrigued. I have to say these have also inspired him in his learning, to be a kid teaching other kids. I do appreciate how this has encouraged him. I have to say I have found quite a variety of videos on my phone since he began this course. Mostly him teaching his little brother and sister how to speak in French and Chinese, and Spanish too.


This program is chock full of so much additional information too.  They aren’t just learning Spanish but they are also learning about delicious dishes that can be made as well as geography and all kinds of neat cultural details.  It’s a great way to experience both the language and the culture. We learned about Llamas and my kids thought it was great that when they get stressed, they may spit at you! I thought it was fascinating (I had no idea) that my favorite bear, Paddington, was born in Peru and then sent to England – Did I miss this in the story? We also learned about Ceviche, a favorite Peruvian dish, made with fresh fish and citrus juice – Definitely on my list of things to try in the near future!




We really enjoyed how each level was a different “flight” so Level 1 covered Washington, DC to Lima, Peru. Level 2 (or Flight #102) was from Lima, Peru to Bogota, Colombia. As we travelled about, there would be puzzles to complete, we learned a bit of grammar and completed some fun exercises to reinforce what we just learned. There was the Geography in Jiffy that compared the size of the country we were in to Texas; for example we learned that Colombia is actually the size of California and Texas combined.  Wow!  We had a blast with the Fast Facts learning fun traditions and common greetings like “Pura Vida”. We also learned about “Tico Time” (my kids new favorite way of telling time by the way).  Not sure if that’s a good thing. haha





We are really enjoying this program! We really are. All three of my children really do look forward to spending time in this program each day! From the videos to the super fun activities in the workbooks this really is a blast to use. The flashcards are a great way to encourage the kids to study on their own, or even together, sometimes they quiz each other with them to see how many words they each know.  There are also lots of fun games in the teacher’s guide to encourage our kids to study even more and the games are so fun, who realizes how much they are actually learning? One of my son’s favorites was Rapid Review; he likes to shout and in this activity he gets to shout out the Spanish words before they are shown on the screen. As the other two get involved, seeing the fun he is having, you can imagine it gets kind of loud around here! My boys were a bit disappointed when they learned about the Dice Off game, mentioned in the teachers guide (I cannot believe they were perusing my book) so the pressure is on to get that one so we can include it in the daily lessons.





I cannot believe how much we have all learned from the short period of time we have been using Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Starter Kit 1.  If you are looking for something will encourage and inspire your kids to learn another language, I do believe this is it. I cannot say enough how much we have truly enjoyed using this. And the variety of material within this program is truly amazing. We have learned Spanish but we have also gained an amazing understanding of the countries which speak it and their culture. What better way for our kids to learn than in a way in which they not only learn from other kids, but also gain a greater appreciation for the world they live in and the differences around the world. We are, I hope, going to be using more of their materials in the years to come!



Beginner Spanish Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Review

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