More Rest Less Turmoil in the Home

One of the many things but I have been focusing on as of late is our home. And how to make it a place that is welcoming and restful rather than chaotic and full of mess.  

I know that I have suffered from days I’m just wanting to get out and I am sure the rest of my family has to. Well we do live in a small house there’s no reason why we can’t have it be a place that is restful too. And doesn’t the Bible even say our home hot to make us glad? I do so want our family to enjoy one another and when we are home be glad.  

It’s hard to admit because I am someone that really feels the need to do. I need to be doing something. There are so many things to do. I admit to feeling guilty when I put aside the things that need to be done and just relax with my family for a day. If the Bible clearly tells us that we need rest. God even commands it. And if God commands it shouldn’t that tell us it’s something worth doing?

How about my for children? My husband and I were talking the other day and both acknowledged that as they are getting older things should be getting less difficult around the house. That said are we all working together? I think too often I spend time pointing out whose mess it is rather than encouraging everyone to work together.  And I admit I’m not very good at delegating tasks. 

Togetherness. Isn’t that what makes resting so much more powerful? Relationship with rules. Rules without a relationship. We need to have that down time and we need to have it everyday. Since we homeschool I honestly have to admit that there’s no reason we can’t. Other than but I call it work trying to get my kids to rest.   

That said we know that kids imagine rest as being something that they do quietly perhaps in their rooms. Not doing anything only resting. So perhaps we need to redefine what rest really is. It doesn’t mean that we are just laying there staring at the ceiling and it doesn’t mean that we have to sleep. I have begun encouraging my kids slowly to have a time of rest each day. During the time of rest they can quietly play with Legos or read a book. They can use their snap circuits or play a card game but it has to be something that they are doing calmly and quietly. We also do a lot of reading. I read and they can engage in some quiet activity while I do so. This also counts as a time of rest for our family.   My husband on the other hand is quite fond of video games and movies and for him that is a form of rest too ( for me on the other hand it is stressful and too much work haha).  

Another part of having a home that allows for rest it’s just having the simple things. We don’t need all the stuff we have. Most of us have far too much. In fact the other day I heard someone say but it’s silly how we go out to buy all kinds of stuff to organize the stuff that we have. Adding more stuff in an attempt to organize our home only adds to the clutter.  How about just keeping it simple?

I have been going through closets and drawers and bookshelves slowly and very methodically. As I do so I ask myself and sometimes my kids too: Do we need this? Why do we need this? When was the last time you use this? And my favorite question: What purpose does this serve?

I want them to be surrounded by things that are encouraging and inspiring. I think of toys that allow for imagination. Ilove art supplies which foster creativity. And not just any book will do for my family. I want books that have Rich stories and are engaging and have characters that just come to life. Books are such a powerful tool to use in learning. Out with the twaddle! 

And how about Mom and Dad? We need to be restful to. And that can be a struggle for me since my husband’s way of resting and mine are quite different. But we strive to take time together to watch a show or sometimes sit back and read a book. There are also times it’s good for us to just be together quietly.  

It’s a slow process but it is one that I think is well worth the effort. And as I go through everything and every closet and drawer and shelf there’s something refreshing about seeing all of this stuff being removed that takes away off of my shoulders.  I feel more at rest when I look and see things in a place and not just strewn about the home.  What a joy it is to come home from whatever we may be into out and about and be able to just sit down rest.   

We need this rest mommas. So important for us to have it everyday. And as we cultivate this home that is warm and inviting and encourages us to rest I promise we will find more joy in being with our most precious ones. We won’t be distracted by the mass and we won’t have to worry about that list of things to do that’s going through our minds but instead we will be intentional in every moment we spend in our home and with our family.  


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