It’s so Naturally unNatural

I remember years ago before I had any children of my own thinking that motherhood what is something easy. It was a piece of cake. And then I had my own children. My first son was so easy it confirmed in my mind the simplicity of motherhood. Then we had another little boy and then a girl and then one more girl. We are very blessed.

But in all I expected too much of myself. Expected to be the perfect mom. The mom who was able to do it all. As you can imagine it’s hard to enjoy motherhood that way. We begin to dislike motherhood. We don’t see it for the gift it is. 

My children and not to be a burden they are to be something that brings us joy. I love motherhood is never easy and there are times that our children will bring us sorrow we have to keep our eyes on the Lord. And we have to be realistic about what it really means this motherhood thing.  

I admit being a bit of a perfectionist myself. You can ask anyone I’m very driven and motivated to be the best. And unfortunately my definition of what it means to be the best isn’t always so accurate.  

It’s hard for me to acknowledge that I struggle when it comes apparently. But it’s true and so I am always seeking things that can help me to grow as a mom. I mean these children that God has entrusted to me, this is a really big deal and certainly I can’t do it without Jesus.  But I also have to remember to remain humble and teachable because isn’t it true that things change so quickly when it comes to our children?   

As I read (Un)Natural Mom I was really inspired to take a good look but my own self. As I tried I was walking through each personality and shone simple concrete methods that can be used to strengthen the positive skills and to change the negative ones. In all of this of course the scripture is moving within to remind us about need for Jesus and to give us constant hope.  This is a wonderful way to learn not just had a parent but how to grow yourself. It’s also a wonderful reminder that God created each of us with a unique purpose and we need to embrace the differences but are within us.  

As you spend time with in the pages of this book the lessons that are learned are priceless. I have gained such a greater understanding of what temperament really means and how to truly manage it as well as use it in a positive manner while training up my children.  We are all uniquely created there is no doubt about that. But we need to accept we are all uniquely created there is no doubt about that. But we need to accept and embrace how you make sleep we were created to be so that we can truly do all that the Lord has for us to do.  

When it comes to our children that’s nothing really easy. And so it’s always good to remember and take the time to consider ourselves.  How important it is for us to be mindful of the things that we say and do. How we react and respond.  A little eyes are watching and little ears hear even when we don’t think they do. All for God’s glory.  


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