Jolly Phonics & Jolly Grammar ~ Schoolhouse Review

We love to learn, all year round. With two little ones who really want to learn how to read it just doesn’t seem right to me to take a break from things right now. Of course since every one of our kids is so unique and different, I am always eager and happy to review materials that will help one of them, or both of the littler ones, to gain some strong reading skills. And wow, (just2ducks LLC) has a most amazing and comprehensive reading program they blessed us with!  It includes the Jolly Literacy Teacher’s Book (print letters); the Jolly Phonics Student Books, 1, 2, and 3; The Jolly Grammar level 1 Teacher’s Book (print letters); the Jolly Grammar level 1 Student Book; and Jolly Songs (print letters).  We also received My Personal Dictionary from Primary Learning and a catalog of other Jolly Literacy products .  This is some really good stuff!  For this review we received the following materials:

  • Jolly Phonics Teacher’s Book in print letters
  • Jolly Phonics Student Book 1, 2 and 3
  • Jolly Grammar 1 Teacher’s book in print letters
  • Jolly Grammar Student Book
  • Jolly Songs in print letters
  • Jolly Songs CD

Can I say thank you? What a blessing!!!



My kids love this logo! A duck, reading, under an umbrella, in the rain. y kids all agreed this could easily be their momma; if I was a duck! lol  My daughter just turned 5 yesterday.  We did some very basic preschool and even kindergarten for the last few months, and she is still really learning how to read.  My younger son is 6 and a struggling reader although he wants to read and so is eager to do whatever it takes to be a stronger reader.  We began with the Phonics Book 1.  I love how simple and short, the lessons in this book are. My daughter had a blast working through each page since every letter had a corresponding action that went along with it. For “S” we weave our hand about in an “s” shape’ for “I” wiggle fingers at the end of your nose like whiskers and speak just like a mouse would. Even my younger son got a kick out of the actions that they had paired to each of the letters in the lessons.







The Jolly Songs CD is full of fun songs; quite catchy too.  Since my daughter loves to sing and we have found that she learns fast when something is set to music, we definitely used this one a lot. Each son is designed to help teach the sound that each letter makes. I would put this on, often, while working with my other kids and she would sit and just sing along happily!  Can I just say I love how the songs cover every letter with the same action used to teach in the workbook and then also covering sounds for letter combinations like “ou” and “qu” and “ch”.  There is even a song to help recall the vowels!


We have not yet completed the Phonics program yet (there are three books in all) but we are slowly getting there. As we got closer to the end of Book 1 I found that my daughter began to struggle a bit more with remembering and distinguishing the sounds of the letter combinations in the last few pages. So we have slowed down, are revisiting some of them and working on listening and identifying the sounds in words. “Sh” in sheep or “ch” in chain. Once we begin Book 2 I think she will become much more frustrated if we do not strengthen her skills now. We are really looking forward to completing this program together though. She loves having her own “school books” and time with momma. I think this really encourages her too because it is fun! Even as we advance in the program the activities within the lessons are still fun; lots of opportunities to draw and color throughout these books too! And I do love encouraging art so this is great.  As we have not completed Phonics, of course, we did not yet start the Grammar book that was provided but I am quite excited to do so. I have really considered using it with my younger son, who is six, but don’t want to remove him from his current program since he seems to be okay with it for now. But I do love the looks of the Grammar book too! As with the Phonics books, this is full of fun opportunities to learn and strengthen grammar. From dictation exercises, to sentences to be reviewed and then corrected; alphabetizing, blending consonants and plurals. There are even fun activities to help them learn adjectives, nouns, verbs and pronouns. There is an exercise to help our kids familiarize themselves with using a dictionary and then lots of pages for spelling tests at the very end of the book.  This is good stuff!  I cannot wait to get there. 🙂





   Now if you are someone who isn’t very comfortable with teaching grammar or phonics, never fear, the Teacher’s Book is here. And these things are amazing! A bit overwhelming initially but WOW…I love both the Teacher Guides: Jolly Phonics Teacher’s Book and the Jolly Grammar Teacher’s Book.  These are full of introduction and even instruction on how to help our kids learn the letter sounds, letter formation, tricky words, reading and sound identification. It goes on in so much detail to help guide us through every part of every lesson. From the fun but simple story that is included for every letter to helping us to introduce the various things that need to be taught as we begin with each letter. This includes tip on formation, blending, dictation and sounding it out. There are also a couple great ideas shared to continuing to teach for each letter. One idea we had lots of fun with was cutting up an apple and using them to print shapes. Another activity we enjoyed was using the ends of toilet paper tubes to make octopus pictures (we added legs with yarn my daughter found in my knitting basket ~~ I don’t knit ~~ not yet anyway).  These books are just amazing!


This really is such a fabulous program! I love how it is so colorful; so inviting and engaging for our younger ones. My daughter loves and looks forward to doing school each day with this program and that makes me SO very happy! There is nothing greater to me, than seeing my children having fun AND learning. Eagerly. When it comes to reading and writing, too, I do believe this is something that we need to make strong within our kids. If you can read and you can write you can learn to do anything in life. So a strong foundation matters! I am really looking forward to using the rest of this program as we slowly and gently work through it, my daughter and I.  I am very excited for the rest of the Grammar program too. Although we did not receive all of the books for that program, I do plan to use them in the future with my daughter once we get to that place. For now though, I definitely encourage you to consider Jolly Phonic and Jolly Grammar!



Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Review


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