Way Comes Home ~ Schoolhouse Review

We have a lot of goals when it comes to health and wellness in our home. Its a big deal with my oldest son especially; as he gets older I think it becomes even more important for him to understand what it really means to be healthy. And how to live in a way that ensures you are doing things that will be better for you. Since I have really been struggling with how to make this kind of thing happen, the timing was great for HomeSchool Scholastics, an i4 Learning Company to send us their WAY Comes Home Kit for review. This is a health and wellness curriculum that contains 3 levels of learning for grades K-5. We were quite surprised by the big box that arrived full of goodies to help us really begin learning all about health and wellness!




What is in this big box specifically, you may be wondering? Well it comes with everything you will need for your studies, for three age categories each with unique themes (K-1: Health Safari, 2-3: Me Mysteries, and 3-4: Innerspace Adventures). That said, the materials we received were:

  • Lots of equipment for experiments and hands-on activities
  • A journal for each grade level
  • Cards for each level
  • DVD lessons
  • Posters
  • Parent Guidebook





At the top of the pile when we opened the box was a very handy letter from the company, READ ME FIRST, PLEASE!


This was a great introduction to this program; since there was so much in that box, I would have been completely overwhelmed without this as my guide.


The Parent Guide was a great help in getting started with this program. This clearly defined which WAY each of my children should be in. My son and daughter (5 and almost 7) worked in the Health Safari level; my oldest son (10) did the Me Mysteries (mostly because he likes puzzles).  We do plan on completing the Interspace Adventures level with him too once he completes the other program. This provides so much great information for before each lesson. There are even topics listed to consider including in each one, including a list of optional books to use. The Lesson at a Glance page contains a summary of the lesson as well as a list of materials needed and vocabulary words.  There were very few times I didn’t have what I needed by the way; this program really wants to make sure its easy as pie to complete the program with your family.  They also include suggestions for books to expand the topic. In What to Do you are given clear instructions for the lesson you are to complete. This tells you which DVD segment to view and then which pages in the journal are to be completed. It all offers a couple questions to consider for writing.  Often these questions help them to dig into what they are feeling or what they are doing during the day; sometimes its to help them think about what they can do to be healthier too. Great questions to encourage them to take some responsibility in their own wellness.





I have to say, I just love journaling so it was a huge positive to me that this program considers journaling to be a main feature in this program. My oldest son especially loves to doodle and draw and we are really trying to encourage him in this while also striving to see him more clearly compose his thoughts and ideas in written form. These are so very cute; I probably should have ordered one for my daughter but since she is still pretty small and wasn’t really able to focus on all of this like the boys, we kind of let her journal in her little kitty notepad. We have really tried to encourage, mostly with our oldest two, having a notebook that is just for them. For thoughts and prayers, struggles, celebrations. A place for them to keep and consider things.


We loved the Include Me Too! section. This contained things like Eat the Alphabet; Walk this Way, I am Your Thumbody!.  These are super fun activities to help them along the path to wellness. Since so many of these activities have to do with making prints of their shoes, listing positive traits of one another, recalling fond memories of family members, and making an image of yourself with thumbprints, these activities don’t just encourage our kids to be healthy in body but also in mind.


Art Attack! was another favorite part of this program. In each instance our kids are tasked to create something (this goes well with a new practice we have in our home, 20 minutes of creative work each day).  One day it was creating self portraits, another was creating a family portrait. In one activity they researched and drew the human heart for themselves; in another they drew pictures of themselves acting as an animal or transportation action movement word.


As for myself, while I loved everything this program has to offer, I especially enjoyed how they ended each lesson with Pray and Reflect. Bible verses, wise words from people like Abraham Lincoln and the Earl of Derby. Some names my kids knew quite well, others had never been hard of before but opened up a great opportunity to learn!



This is such a GREAT program! Whether you use this every day of the week or only a couple times a week, its guaranteed to be a huge hit with your kids! I promise. 🙂

From inside to outside this program helps our kids learn all they need to know to get and stay nice and fit. With the weekend suggestions and the many resources that they include for further exploration with every lesson, this is something that can easily last for quite some time. We have really enjoyed the lessons we have completed so far; we have taken our time too because of all of the additional things to do, inside the guide. We sure want to explore and enjoy as much as possible! This is just so engaging and encouraging for our kids. I love that there is a program like this, for our homeschool kids, that both teaches and inspires them to learn and grow!


WAY Comes Home Kit Review

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